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Grace & Gratitude

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Grace & Gratitude

A meditation for gratitude with subliminal messages Enter a state of grace Increase synchronicity Deepen your spiritual connection Re-create your reality at a higher level

When the powerful currents of life push us around, it’s difficult to feel gratitude and easy to forget that Grace is an infinitely available mystical force we can call upon for illumination, healing and transformation. Cultivating Grace brings forth untold gifts into every day life. Ordinary reality becomes extraordinary, and each day you feel more gratitude as you come to realize that you live in a field of Grace.

Hidden beneath the calming sounds of ocean waves, subliminal messaging and Theta binaural beats reach deep into your subconscious to radically change your perception of life. As your heart opens and you experience brainwave entrainment, deep reservoirs of gratitude bring blessings to all of your life.

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