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Audio Nuggets: Criminology 101

16 minutos


This program, Audio Nuggets: Criminology 101, offers basic information on the classifications of crimes, definitions of various types of crimes, the categories of evidence collected and used, and the key professionals in a criminal investigation.

Rick Sheridan, a professor of Mass Media Communications at Wilberforce University in Ohio, has also taught at California State University-Sacramento and Butte College. He has a master's degree in Media Arts, and has received awards for both his teaching and his web design.

Alfred C. Martino is the author of three highly-acclaimed novels, Perfected by Girls, Pinned, and Over the End Line. Mr. Martino was born and raised in Short Hills, NJ, and graduated from Millburn High School. He is a graduate of Duke University and The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Jersey City, NJ.

A Listen & Live audio production.

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