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Astounding Customer Service

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What is the cost of losing a customer? In today's competitive environment, it is a cost no business can afford. Do the math. It costs you up to 4 times more to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. However, that does not even take into account the fact that an unhappy customer will tell an average of 20 customers about their bad experiences, while a satisfied customer will only tell 10 people about their good experiences. This means you have to make twice as many customers happy as unhappy—just to break even!

Dr. Tony Alessandra teaches how employees in all areas of your business can easily and quickly increase their customer service skills - anyone from secretaries to managers to the CEO him/herself! Why not invest in a proven system today and learn skills that will secure committed and active customers for you and your business? How can you afford not to? I have laid it all out for you here—over 35 years of the customer service secrets that have helped me tremendously in my own business career and saved me from many ruined customer relationships along the way.

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