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An Attitude of Excellence: How the Best Organizations Get the Best Performance from the Best People

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Whether you want to improve your personal success, increase your bottomline profits, or improve performance and productivity in the workplace, bestselling author and acclaimed speaker Willie Jolley can help you make it happen.

An Attitude of Excellence can rapidly accelerate your success. Willie Jolley discovered that the leading-edge organizations understand that all success is rooted in development—of ourselves and of others in our organizations. The secrets of successful organizations are leadership development, change management skills, teambuilding, world-class customer service, and attitude enhancement. And the secrets of personal success that drive organizational success are dreaming big, showing up, standing up, stepping up, and thinking up!

Based on Willie Jolley's work with Fortune 500 organizations and research from leading private and public sector organizations, An Attitude of Excellence will help you achieve and maintain your place as a leader in your field. This book will grow you and your organization!

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