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From advanced "dream stream" labs in the near future through ancient Egyptian temples, two heroes search for truth as institutions crumble around them.

Marcus Agrippa explores chambers in a long-lost temple with his priestess lover. What they discover will change the course of history and the rise of the Roman Empire.

In the near future, a former SRI team experiments with layered graphene. Subjects floating in sensory deprivation tanks broadcast their dreams on high-resolution video walls. Then the unexpected occurs, a sign that something deeper is happening beyond anyone's imagination, promising to change the world.

Desire, ambition, and greed combine as the two timelines begin to merge and their boundaries become blurred. Past and future are interconnected, empires rise and fall, and scientists undergo a spiritual awakening.

Alexandria blends the traditions of Michael Crichton, Wilbur Smith, and Graham Hancock with high-tech and ancient history into an authentic, immersive story of two heroes who wonder if they are on the side of good or evil.

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