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Augmented Reality - Robots Rule - Book 9

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Augmented Reality. It's not just the wave of the future. It's the raging current of the present. It fuels chatbots on your favorite retail shopping site, it lets you see how furniture would look in your living room, before you buy, it helps surgeons perform better surgery. Bottom Line: Augmented reality is not just “coming soon” - It's here now. Big time!

But how will it influence our lives as it continues to advance? Will the results of this immersive technology always be positive? Or is there a “dark side” to AR? Some negative that may not yet be apparent?

In this ninth book in his “Robots Rule” series, Investigative Journalist Atherton Cooper examines the current stater of Augmented Reality, and presents the opinions, expert and otherwise, on where AR may be going.

This is information we all need. Because wherever AR is going – we, most certainly, are going with it.

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