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Adventures in Evangelism: The Testimony of a Timid Evangelist

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Adventures in Evangelism: The Testimony of a Timid Evangelist is a powerful autobiography that will make you laugh and cry, but more importantly, it will inspire you to adventure with God in sharing your testimony with the world. If God can take a broken, lost, and timid teen like Nathan and transform him into a warrior for Jesus Christ who is willing to share his testimony anywhere, there’s no doubt he will do the same for you.


In Adventures in Evangelism you will:


Read the gripping story of Nathan’s conversion from a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. Walk the corridors of Camelot Hall with Nathan as he discovers a source of unimaginable power to confront a minion of hell. Laugh, as you learn how NOT to share the Gospel in Marine Corps Spam. See how Nathan responds to God’s request for him to preach in the middle of a restaurant! (Hint: He responds as most of us would!). Learn how to hear the voice of God better in the seven, “God’s Voice” sections. Find out why it is imperative that you push through feelings of awkwardness to share your faith in Time Sensitive Message.


So join Nathan as he takes you on an epic journey into his real-life adventures of fighting the forces of darkness, both in high school and in the Marine Corps, and sharing his powerful testimony in Adventures in Evangelism.

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