Conversational Brazilian Portuguese Dialogues: 50 Portuguese Conversations and Short Stories

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Conversational Brazilian Portuguese Dialogues: 50 Portuguese Conversations and Short Stories

Escrito por Touri Language Learning

Narrado por Karen Stanol

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When face-to-face with a real Brazilian Portuguese speaker, do you freeze?

Do you fear not knowing how to ask for directions in Portuguese or even worse, communicate if there’s an emergency?

If your answer to any of these questions was 'Yes', then keep listening!

If there’s anything more challenging than learning the grammar rules of a new language, it’s knowing what to say while having the courage to speak with confidence.

We know how you feel - You try to avoid making embarrassing mistakes or not being understood correctly, but it happens anyway.

‘How do I get out of this situation?’, you may ask yourself, but have yet to find a straight-forward answer.

Until now. 

Inside you'll discover:

50 Brazilian Portuguese Stories and their translations on topics such as how to set a meeting, checking into a hotel and even what to say during an emergency! Each chapter has a new story with two or more people solving a common, day-to-day problem you'll most likely experience in real life. A Portuguese version of the conversation takes place first, followed by an English translation ensuring you understood what was said. Dialogues that are simple and to the point, saving you precious time

Become conversationally fluent, so you can:

Travel to or live in Brazil or any Portuguese speaking country without relying on Google Translate Join conversations with your Portuguese speaking coworkers, friends or family members Date Portuguese-speakers without embarrassing yourself Stop getting passed over for jobs or promotions by less-qualified bilingual people

There should never be a language barrier stopping you from traveling around the world and expanding your social circles.

You will NOT need another conversational Portuguese book after this! Grab your copy and start learning Portuguese right now!

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