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Stanley's Christmas Adventure

Stanley's Christmas Adventure

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Stanley's Christmas Adventure

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Oct 26, 2010


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Writer Jeff Brown was known for his stories published in The New Yorker and the Saturday Evening Post. In his book Stanley's Christmas Adventure, Brown pairs up with Macky Pamintuan to deliver a Flat Stanley Christmas tale.

The famous Flat Stanley stories came to fruition as a creative bedtime story for Brown's sons. He has since gone on to write a series of books in the Stanley series.

In Stanley's Christmas Adventure, Flat Stanley is no longer flat but has lots of work to do. The first item of business is saving Christmas.

When Santa Claus isn't in the Christmas spirit, his daughter Sarah Claus knows just who to call. She reaches out to the Lambchop family in hopes of helping get her father out of his holiday rut and back to his usual jolly self.

But will the Lambchop family be able to show Santa Claus the true spirit of Christmas and get him out of his funk? Or will Christmas be ruined for everyone?

Lançado em:
Oct 26, 2010

Sobre o autor

Jeff Brown created the beloved character of Flat Stanley as a bedtime story for his sons. He has written other outrageous books about the Lambchop family, including Flat Stanley, Stanley and the Magic Lamp, Invisible Stanley, Stanley’s Christmas Adventure, Stanley in Space, and Stanley, Flat Again! You can learn more about Jeff Brown and Flat Stanley at www.flatstanleybooks.com.

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Stanley's Christmas Adventure - Jeff Brown


She was the sort of little girl who liked to be sure of things, so she went all over Snow City, checking up.

The elves had done their work.

At the Post Office, Mail Elves had read the letters, making lists of who wanted what.

In the great workshops—the Doll Room, the Toy Plant, the Game Mill—Gift Elves had filled the orders, taking care as to color and size and style.

In the Wrap Shed the gifts lay ready, wrapped now in gay paper with holly and pine cones, sorted by country, by city or village, by road or lane or street.

The Wrap Elves teased her. Don’t trust us, eh? . . . Snooping, we call this, Miss!

Pooh! said the little girl. Well done, elves! Good work!

But at home in Snow City Square, all was not well.

Don’t slam the door, dear, said her mother, weeping. Your father’s having his nap.

Mother! What’s wrong?

He won’t go this year, he says! The mother sobbed. He’s been so cross lately, but I never—

"Why? Why won’t he go?"

"They’ve lost faith, don’t care anymore, he says! Surely not everyone, I said. Think of your favorite letter, the one by your desk! He just growled at me!"

Pooh! said the girl. "It’s not fair! Really! I mean, everything’s ready! Why—"

Not now, dear, said the mother. It’s been a dreadful day.

In the little office at the back of the house, the girl studied the letter her mother had mentioned, framed with others on a wall:

I am a regular boy, except that I got flat, the letter said. From an accident. I was going to

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  • (4/5)
     Stanley and his family prove again that selflessness can change hearts and do a lot of good.
  • (4/5)
    This is one of the Flat Stanley series. In this book, Stanley is not flat anymore, but he still has important work to do, including saving Christmas. My first grader enjoyed this as our read-aloud selection, and I appreciate the message that Christmas isn't all about getting presents. A good holiday read!
  • (4/5)
    Nice enough Christmas story. Like many of them, it is a secular fantasy with religious morals. Santa Claus doesn't want to deliver gifts because the world is just too terrible. As is typical in stories like this, everything works out ok in the end. Surprisingly for a children's book, the author actually describes the news stories of a typical day. SPOILER: But, because of the merit of one good family, he changes his mind and even helps make it a better place by granting their requests.