Accidental Mystic

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Accidental Mystic

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Accidental Mystic uses a bio-fictional framework to take the reader through a quasi near-death experience. This modern-day parable is based on the real life experiences of the author (who has taken some literary license to expand and enhance the narrative). It is more storytelling than novel. It draws the reader into and through life-altering and mind-expanding experiences vicariously through the protagonist, Michael, and his spiritual guide, Rose.When read in the right frame of mind and heart, this book can transform the consciousness of the reader.

After Michael, a newspaper reporter, becomes symbolically "stuck in the mud" when pursuing a story. His salvation comes in the form of a peculiar gray-haired hermit woman named Rose who lives alone with the Colorado wilderness. During his tumultuous time with Rose, Michael is taken into an alternate reality. When he is sent back to his ordinary life, it no longer works well for him. He is forced by the nature of his experiences to go on a hero's quest to incorporate his new-found spiritual awareness and restore balance to his everyday life.

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