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The four disciplines of natural fitness will show you how to lose body fat and keep it off! And Focuses on the four main disciplines that must be followed to achieve lifelong fitness. Each discipline by itself is important however, when combined with the others, the result is a powerful fat burning and muscle building formula!

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The Four Disciplines of Natural Fitness - Forrest Hawthorne

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Goal Setting

When you are deciding what you want your goals to be don't be scared to think big, set your sights high and let your mind visualize your absolute ultimate goal. But remember to ask yourself a few important questions. How will I achieve this goal? And am I willing to put the dedication commitment and hard work into making this goal come to fruition? If or when people tell you that your goals are too ambitious remember that you don't have to listen to these people. Don't be afraid to think big because this is what will give you the excitement and motivation to strive for success. If you set messily goals your results will ultimately reflect that.

Big goals are great but always remember to set proper time frames for accomplishing your goals. Unrealistic deadlines will hamper your success almost any goal no matter how ambitious can be achieved in time, so be patient. There are limits to how quickly the human body can safely lose fat.

Always set yourself goals that are measurable and specific. Don't be vague because setting specific goals will give you an instant benchmark that lets you know when you are making progress.

Clear benchmarks include but are not limited to the following.

When you want to complete your goal

What measurements you would like to have

How much body fat you want to lose

How much you want to weigh

Don't just have goals that are aesthetic

One of the best ways to motivate your self to get fit is not by desiring to just look good but by having a goal that involves being fit and strong. For example, you could sign up for a marathon a couple of months away of a hiking trip - something that requires training and preparation that you can get excited about. These types of things are great because they will give you a reason for getting fit that can enhance you quality of life as well as cosmetic needs.

Goal types

1. Long-term goal= your ultimate lifetime fitness goal

2. Yearly goal= build muscle to certain level, loss x amount of fat/weight etc.

3. Every three-month goal= move up in a workout routine, lift x amount of weight or lose x amount of fat etc

4. Weekly goals= increase reps, master new exercise, increase cardio level etc.

5. Daily goals= drinking enough water, sticking to healthy foods, completing a workout successfully or beating your personal best etc.

Writing goals.

Write your goals as if you've already achieved them this is known as affirmations and has been proven to help with motivation and will work wonders in training your mind for success.

For example, when you write a goal, it should sound like this:

I am ecstatic and so thankful now that I weigh ________. (Fill in the blank)

An effective way to penetrate the subconscious mind is through repetition, so be sure to read your goal list two or three times a day. And every time you achieve one of your goals, you should celebrate. Keep a list of your completed goals as this is a sure fire way to lift your spirits if you feel like giving