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What can you say about a woman who lives by her own rules? Perhaps that she will get hers in the end? Is this the case for the very smart, very sexy and very married, consummate playa Grace Trufant? After putting her marriage to Edwin Douglas Trufant in danger in Part I of FeMALE TRAITS and loosing her baby and nearly her husband in Part II, what chance is there for Grace to find her way to fidelity in part III? Will she ever learn and how will her behavior affect those in her life in the final chapter? Some women are not to be messed with and in this last chapter of FeMALE TRAITS, enter stage left is equally beautiful Dominique Branch, her gangster brother and her all too cheating husband, Eugene. Eugene also happens to be Grace's latest conquest. When hurt, exasperation, revenge, embarrassment and just plain anger mix with physical lust and pleasure, see how it will end in the exciting final chapter of FeMALE TRAITS PT III!

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