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Eating Real Food Is Easy

Eating Real Food Is Easy

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Eating Real Food Is Easy

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Dec 10, 2011


Eating Real Food Is Easy is the answer to the comfort food lovers' health plan. Removing the toxins of processed food and replacing it with real food allows your body to absorb the good stuff it needs to heal and become healthy again.

The book includes color photos and illustrations that give ideas, tips and guidance on which foods affect which conditions. Recipes are also provided to get you started.

Each section of the book is color coded and complete in it's information so reading straight through the book is not necessary. Choose the areas you want to change first and start there.

You'll learn how to rid yourself of gingivitis, acid reflux, anxiety, arthritis and many more bothersome conditions. The Food Charts help you find the foods and spices that will heal the exact conditions you're struggling with.

It's true that you don't have to replace your beef with tofu to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to eat the real foods you love while your body gains the nutrients it's been missing for decades.

Lançado em:
Dec 10, 2011

Sobre o autor

Native to Colorado and lover of the outdoors, Carla has spent her career in the commercial arts. Photography, graphics, web, now writing. It's been a progressive path of creativity. Non-fiction is the chosen form of writing; since opportunity brings itself in some very unlikely packages, it just seems natural to write about it and pass along the information. Each book written enlists details of some of the most difficult times of my life. Emotional, Physical and Financial. I view these books as the diamonds that were finally found as I chipped away at the black molten rock, each was entombed in. My acres of diamonds is growing!

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Eating Real Food Is Easy - Carla Fister


I guess there have been a lot of important discoveries made over the years, that happened by accident, so that would be the category this information falls into.

I didn’t set out to discover how to more easily lose weight or rid myself of conditions I’ve had most of my adult life, but I found it.

I didn’t anticipate finding a way to pick up the salt shaker every day and use it... guilt free and without concern! but I found it.

I didn't set out to find an opposing opinion to much of the main stream health information in the media today; I was following it, right up to the point of discovering a new truth that I found to my surprise and advantage.

In this book I reveal secrets to restoring many of the foods that we grew up eating, to our diets. Foods, that in their own right, have many nutrients that can heal our aging bodies and actually slow some of that aging.

When I began this process it was in direct response to a warning that the prescription I would be taking could, and many times has, caused breast cancer. I was determined but fearful.

The discoveries I’ve made have not only diminished my fears but have brought me hope and freedom; Freedom, because I’m experiencing better health than I’ve ever had. Hope that I can live out my life, even if that means 30+ more years, with a quality of life many don’t experience even in their youth.

I don’t make miraculous predictions. Each of us has different physical limitations and the information given here is meant to be a guide, a starting place to begin a process of healing.

As you read through the book you’ll find special helps like Food Charts and Recipes that list various foods and spices and the positive effects that each have on different parts of our bodies. Our bodies are resilient, thankfully, and know how to heal themselves when we create an environment where that can happen.

In the ‘Surprising Results’ section, you’ll find tips and information on Gingivitis, Eating Red Meat, Protecting Your Skin and several more. I relay conversations with professionals who have confirmed many of my realizations as truth and that’s why I feel confident sharing them here.

This book is a ‘No Guilt’ zone. The only way we effect change in ourselves is to accept who we are now and with tender, loving care move ourselves into a safe place for change.

It sounds noble to say we will improve our lives for our loved ones but the truth is we don’t really prove our love for them until we get clear about our own worth and what’s valuable to us.

My hope is that you’ll succeed in creating a lifestyle that satisfies you. Then you can discover for yourself that Eating Real Food IS Easy!

What Are We Eating

Here’s what I’ve discovered...

The man-made foods that include margarine, flavor & color additives, sugar substitutes, preservatives and chemicals have created a sort of plastic wrap around our cells that, instead of protecting us, have made our bodies unable to absorb real food that could actually heal our bodies.

For our generation we’re going on 4-5 decades of this plastic food. Our bodies don’t respond to diets or even some of the miracle type juices like Acai berry, as easily and completely as they could if the daily dose of chemicals were not being ingested.

Cancer overall has increased in our lifetime over 44%. For specific cancer like breast and colon the numbers are much higher. The plastic food that was supposed to protect us from the detriments of real food, such as many dairy products, has provided an environment in our bodies where sick cells have more opportunity to grow.

Amazingly, in the past 5 to 10 years, as the trends toward healthy eating and living have increased, there are more chemicals being added to our food than ever. As the health officials and nutritionists alert us to healthy ingredients we should add to our diets, the fast food industry and folks who want to make a buck off of our consumption, pick up those buzzwords, like Sea Salt. They create their version by adding addictive chemical formulas to it and tell us they’re offering ‘healthy alternatives’ at their drive through windows.

Likewise, the known natural, good foods like pistachio nuts are being ‘enhanced’ with popular flavors such as Chili & Lime and Garlic & Onion; more chemicals in the form of flavor additives. (Everybody's Nuts) registered trademark

I started my own journey of understanding this trend because of migraine headaches. Today I’m grateful for the alarm of a migraine headache because it signals my body that harmful toxins have been ingested; like the headache I got after eating Wendy’s ‘healthy new, sea salt fries.’ (no longer available)

As I continue to watch more and more advertisements stating how ‘natural’ a product is, I’m completely exasperated by the lies. This is not a small thing. The chemicals are directly related to cancer, directly related to depleting our immune systems.

The answer that’s offered to us is to add another prescription drug, full of chemicals, to offset the symptoms

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