America Down President Evil

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America Down President Evil

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The President surreptitiously works to destroy America. Citizens arise and fight to save it.
A covert war against America by the Washington Government is unveiled in this fiction presentation completed in 2008. America is being leveled into insignificance by gradually destroying the Culture.
President Robert Evil was practically unknown only months before the election. Soon after taking office, he draws up his personal Attack List to destroy the Institutions that provide the values that meld American Citizens together as a nation. He goes after the Institutions of: Government For the People, Family, Christianity, Media, and Education. He declares everything he is doing is for the well-being of the people.
President Evil discovers the MAD Men are the most powerful tool ever found to attack and dismember a culture. He uses them to devastate the Institutions of Family and of Christianity.
Although First Lady Jezzie is not even an American Citizen, she is consumed with a lust for Presidential power. She leads an attack. Jezzie tours Mexico and South America to touch off an Illegal Alien Tsunami intended to create a diversity that divides the culture.
The President and First Lady are not attacking alone. They are propelled, even compelled, by a force behind them that seeks victory over a historically disorganized, destructive world. With the assistance of President Evil, the force sees success near in the long struggle to reorganize the world and bring Peace and Prosperity for EveryOne, ForEver. To reorganize, the most powerful nation, America, must be taken down.
In St. Johnathon's Church, the cry, "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death," helped launch a 1776 revolution against an oppressive foreign government across the sea.
In that very same church, Citizens now launch a Resistance against the 'foreign' government in Washington, DC.
Old Timer Citizens Resistance Men, men of their 50's, 60's and 70's, men who remember the way America was, men who once fought for the way it was, arise Citizen Cell by Citizen Cell, town by town, and fight, not to birth a nation, but to preserve the nation of their birth.
They defend against the Illegal Alien War at the border, in the Sanctuary Cities, in Los Angeles and at a minute's notice in their hometowns.
If they fail, Government Of the People, For the People...shall...perish from the earth. And so shall the flickering embers of Liberty and Justice for All.

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