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The Ten Commandments

Length: 278 pages4 hours


If you were to break a commandment which one would it be? Have you broken one already?

Several? The Ten Commandments is a collection of ten stories that take an abstract look at breaking the commandments.

Some of the stories are dark, some tearful, some horrific, all are told with a dark comic touch.
These stories are for the open-minded who want to be challenged.

1.The Good Book - Do not worship any other gods.
2.Rochelle and Dave – Do not make any false idols.
3.Going postal, well more counsel – Do not blaspheme.
4.A new Dawn – Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
5.Three heads are better than one – Honour thy mother and father.
6.Camp death – Do not commit murder
7.Oh Mister Postman – Do not commit adultery.
8.Tia – Do not steal.
9.1977 – Do not bear false witness.
10.Henrietta – Do not covet.

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