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Doll Houses: A Hobby For Life

Doll Houses: A Hobby For Life

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Doll Houses: A Hobby For Life

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Apr 4, 2012


It’s always fun to have a hobby in life.

Hobbies can help keep the creative juices flowing for all ages. As you become more proficient in your hobby, there is always the possibility of making a little money too. And what better way to make a few extra bucks than doing something that you absolutely love?

Some people go to great lengths to furnish their miniature dollhouse as realistically as possible. Tiny accessories of virtually everything one can need can be found for miniature houses.

Some of the subjects within the book are:

But where do you start?, History Of Dollhouses, Famous Doll Houses, Types Of Dollhouses, Tudor Dollhouses, Georgian Dollhouses, Victorian Dollhouses, Building A Dollhouse, Your first step is to design the dollhouse, Dollhouse Scale, Draw out the pattern on paper, Dollhouse Building Supplies, Doors, Windows, Flooring, Wallpaper, Lighting and Electrical Items, Six Steps To Creating The Perfect Dollhouse, Decide who will live in your dollhouse and much, much more.....

Lançado em:
Apr 4, 2012

Sobre o autor

Sally White is based in South Africa. She writes books by drawing inspiration from subjects that interest her such as hobbies, facts and information regarding health issues.

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Amostra do Livro

Doll Houses - Sally White

Constructing and collecting dollhouses is one of the most popular hobbies that has stood the test of time. The dollhouse has been a favorite in the lives of children from all over the world. From it's humble beginnings it has evolved to be considered an art form. If think you would enjoy constructing and collecting things, then building dollhouses could be a great hobby for you.

Dollhouses that are made as realistic miniature replicas are becoming increasingly popular. There are even museums dedicated to dollhouses that are made as miniature replicas.

Fervent dollhouses collectors would go to great lengths to furnish their dollhouses as realistically as possible. Miniature house accessories from a miniature cup and saucer to a fireplace can be found for these miniature houses. These are either bought ready made or they are custom designed for the particular dollhouse that they are required for.

But where do you start?

Contemporary children's play dollhouses are mostly made to a 1:18 scale while the 1:12 scale is common for dollhouses made for adult collectors. Meaning 1 inch of dollhouse equals 12 foot of original house.

For the first-time dollhouse builders, it is best to begin with a dollhouse kit. These can be found at any arts and crafts store and offer a wide array of choices. Once you decide on a kit the next thing you need to do is figure out what you want to add to the dollhouse to make it unique.

Dollhouses are built to resemble period homes such as Victorian-style buildings, your own home, a post office, a hotel, a restaurant, pub and even a hospital.

Some builders like to keep things simple, using wood or left over pieces of material from housing projects. Other individuals like to make their homes elaborate and will use high-end materials like slate or brick. The choice is up to you.

Once the structure of the dollhouse is completed the real fun can begin. You will need to pick out paint colors, wallpaper prints, flooring and furnishings.

There are dozens of miniature trade shows held throughout the year by various miniature organizations, where artisans and dealers display and sell miniatures.

These shows also have how-to seminars and workshops as part of the shows.

Miniature stores also hold classes. There are internet forums and blogs that concentrate on dollhouses and miniatures. Enthusiasts also share images online.

History Of Dollhouses

European dollhouses as we know them were invented in Germany in the 17th century. Germany produced some of the most prized dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures up until World War I.

Although the history of dollhouses began over 400 years ago it is unclear who invented the first dollhouse. Dollhouses were extremely rare and expensive toys for the privileged children of aristocrats. The houses were painstakingly produced by hand out of wood, sometimes replicating the actual home in which the family lived, sometimes replicating a well-known building, and sometimes consisting of a brand new architectural design. The house

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