Blind Date

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Blind Date

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Mark Barnes is certain no woman can really love a man blinded by a land mine during peacekeeping operations in Bosnia. What looks like love must be pity, he concludes. That's certainly the message he got from his ex-fiancee when he returned from his military service and became a government lawyer. So, he focusses on his job and works out. When he accidentally sits on a beautiful ex-jock blonde, Mark initially backs off, but he is intrigued by this woman who seems to accept him as simply a man--not especially moved by his injuries or particularly filled with pity. A woman like that, he thinks, would be worth the effort--unless she simply didn't recognize that he was sightless.

Amy Halprin blew out her knee and ended her career with the Woman's Professional Basketball League, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't think that physical activities are essential to her life, and to the lives of any children she brings into the world. She can't imagine a serious relationship with a man with as serious a handicapp as Mark's, but she can't fight the sensual tension that runs between them. Blind or not, Mark is one sexy man and Amy responds instinctively.

The two spend time together, learning the similarities that draw them together, and discovering the inner strengths that make them uniquely right for one another. Still, each brings deep emotional wounds into their relationship--wounds that threaten to keep them apart.

Building on personal experience, author Robyn Anders delivers an emotionally complex and sophisticated novel. Anders's fans will enjoy the mix of Anders's light touch with an emotionally deep subject. Mark is not your usual physically perfect romatic hero but Anders's writing makes the reader believe that he is one sexy and macho man.

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