Mountain Climbing

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Mountain Climbing

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According to the United States Census, there are about 27.5 million businesses in the United States. Each year about 590,000 new businesses start. Only 5% of these businesses ever reach $1 million in sales. Less than half of those businesses ever get to $5 million in sales, and fewer still get to $10 million in revenue.

Despite the odds, some people have created companies multiple times that have grown to $10 million and beyond in revenue.

How do they do it?

Is there a secret formula?

There is no secret formula for profitable business growth. There is no company you can copy that will guarantee your success. No two companies can do exactly the same things and achieve exactly the same results. All companies have different cultures, resources, people, skill sets and access to capital that, even if they do the same things, will provide different results.

While there is no secret formula, there is a correct way to view your business, and there are proven principles that can be integrated into your business model to grow and optimize your performance. These principles work every time.

It bothers me when I see executives and companies fail because they don’t know what I know.

Once you know what I know, you can grow and optimize your business. It’s time for you to cast aside those commonly held "myths" that are preventing you and your company from moving forward and adopt the seven core philosophies or principles of optimization into your company. It’s worked twice for me. Let the same ideas work for you.

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