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Boxed Set: Drupal 7 Core & Views

Boxed Set: Drupal 7 Core & Views

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Boxed Set: Drupal 7 Core & Views

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Lançado em:
Sep 5, 2012


You are ready to get started creating a new Drupal site, but how?

Buy this illustrated guide and get 2 Drupal manuals for less than the price of buying them individually.

This illustrated guide will answer the questions:
How do I create an Article?
How does an Article differ from a Basic Page?
I really need my site to have a Poll, Blog and Discussion Board, what about those?
Taxonomy? What’s that?
I heard I need Views. How do I create them?
How do I grant access to certain people and restrict other?
All of those questions and more are answered inside.

LOOK INSIDE to see all the topics and tips to get your Drupal site created in no time.
Then buy your copy today.

Lançado em:
Sep 5, 2012

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Boxed Set - IFS Harrison

Drupal 7

Core & Views

By I.F.S. Harrison

Published By

I.F.S. Harrison

Published at Smashwords

Drupal 7 Core & Views

Copyright © 2012 by I.F.S.Harrison All Rights Reserved

Thank you for downloading this eBook


Please Note: This product is not for resale or redistribution. Any reselling, reproducing, redistributing, or copying of this e-Book, its pictures, listing description, or title is strictly prohibited by Local, State, Federal and International Intellectual Copyright laws. Any unauthorized use will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

All copyrights, quotations, websites, or registered trademarks listed in this e-Book are merely listed as examples or reference. The author is in no way affiliated with any companies, services, websites, quotations, properties or names mentioned herein, and each individual trademark or copyright listed within this e-Book belongs only to the respective owner and are being used with written permission or under terms of fair use or public domain. Any references, prices, policies, and procedures mentioned herein are subject to change without notice. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they follow the terms, EULA, and any other conditions of any software, websites, and any other property, or item mentioned within this guide.



The Drupal Toolbars

Administrator Toolbar

Shortcut Bar

Adding Shortcuts to the Shortcut Bar

Creating Multiple Shortcut Bars


The Drupal Dashboard

Customizing the Dashboard

Disabling or Enabling the Dashboard


Creating Content

Creating a Basic Page

Creating an Article



Text Formats

Filtered HTML


Plain Text

Creating Text Formats


Creating a Sitewide Contact Form

Configuring Contact Forms

Adding Additional Form Categories



Creating a Blog


Creating Books

Creating a Book

Adding Pages to a Book

Adding a Book to a Block Node




Discussion Groups

Adding General Discussion Topics

Adding Forums

Adding Forum Containers


RSS Feeds

Publishing Content through RSS Feeds

Subscribing to RSS Feeds

Adding RSS Feeds to a Block Node

Categorizing RSS Feeds


Drupal Taxonomy

Adding Vocabulary

Adding Vocabulary to Content Types


Creating User Accounts

Account Settings

Registration and Cancellation

Creating Accounts for Users

User Created Accounts

Deleting User Accounts


Creating User Roles


Modifying Image Styles

Creating Image Styles

Applying Image Styles


Adding Content Types

Adding Fields to Content Types

Editing the Field Display


Creating Blocks

Region Settings

Rearranging Blocks


Installing Themes

Customizing Installed Themes


Installing Modules

Adding the Installed Module to the Site

Uninstalling Modules


Actions and Triggers

Enabling Triggers

Creating Actions

Assigning Actions to Triggers



Views Overview

Getting Started

Generating Users & Content with Devel

The Views Module

Walk Through a Built-in View

Changing Access to Views

Create a View That Lists Content on the Site

Sorting the View

Filtering the View




Export & Import Views

Creating A Site Index

Disclaimer of warranty:

These guides are intended to help beginners get started with Drupal 7.

It is not intended to be all inclusive.

Drupal, being an open source, changes frequently.

As such, the instructions and screen shots in the guides cannot be guaranteed as accurate, complete or current.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.

September 2012. IFS Harrison

The Drupal 7

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