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100+ SQL Queries T-SQL for Microsoft SQL Server

100+ SQL Queries T-SQL for Microsoft SQL Server

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100+ SQL Queries T-SQL for Microsoft SQL Server

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Dec 17, 2012


Enhance Your Resume by Learning SQL.

Did You Know?

-Knowledge of SQL is an important skill to display on your resume.
-With the growth of digital information, Database Administrator is one of the fastest growing careers.
-SQL can be learned in hours and used for decades.

Learn to script Transact SQL using Microsoft SQL Server.

-Create tables and databases
-select records
-join tables
-create views, stored procedures and more.

Over 100 examples of SQL queries and statements along with images of results will help you learn T SQL.

A special section included in this illustrated guide will help you test your skills and get ahead in the workplace.

Now is the time to learn SQL.

Click the 'buy button' and start scripting SQL TODAY!

Lançado em:
Dec 17, 2012

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  • Some people liken stored procedures to macros that you write or record once but use many times after that.

  • The view is now stored in the Views folder.   Display the records in the Current Products view.

  • Since what we are looking for is text it should be surrounded by single quotes.

  • WHERE is used to filter the record set to a limited amount of records.

  • WHERE FirstName LIKE '[dbr]%'  There are no commas in the character list.

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100+ SQL Queries T-SQL for Microsoft SQL Server - IFS Harrison



The examples that follow use Microsoft’s Northwind database.

Northwind is a sample database that I use in many SQL courses.

It stores information about a fictitious specialty food company’s employees, clients, products and orders.

Northwind can be found online through Microsoft here:


and is free.

If you also need SQL Server Management Studio and/or SQL Server Express, the linked article above has information of file locations, and install. The links below do as well.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is a free database administration tool.

While you can use the GUI to manipulate and extract data from the database, we will be doing so programmatically. Learning SQL statements here will give you a good foundation to learn other forms or dialects of SQL, like Oracle’s PL SQL or Microsoft Office Access JET SQL.

Download SSMS here:


and SQL Server Express, and other tools here:


Creating a SQL query in SSMS:

On the Standard toolbar, click the New Query button.

Or in the Object Explorer, right click the database you will use and select New Query.

Four methods to execute a SQL statement:

After typing the SQL statement, you must execute it to see the results by doing one of the following:

1. Press F5 on your keyboard.

2. On the main menu, click Query, then select Execute.

3. On the SQL Editor toolbar, click the Execute button.

4. Right-click in the code editor and click Execute.

Errors in Your SQL Statements:

If there is an error, SQL will display one or more red lines of text in the bottom Messages window.


The SELECT Syntax

SELECT Column1, Column2, Column3…

FROM Table

SELECT retrieves all data from the column(s) listed.

To retrieve all columns in a table, type an asterisk * after SELECT.

To retrieve specific columns, list the column names separated by a comma.

FROM designates the table(s) from which the data is retrieved.

Query: Select all columns and records from the Customers table:


FROM Customers

NOTE: SQL is not case sensitive nor does SELECT and FROM need to be on different lines.

SELECT * FROM Customers works just as well.

Execute the query.

The record set is truncated to save space. Ninety-one records returned.

Query: Select all columns and records for the Products table.


FROM Products

The record set is truncated to save space. Seventy-seven records

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    For beginners It is really good, means who are doesn't aware of sql. And summarised straight way queries, I liked.