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Bodyweight Workout Routine
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excellant workout for overall conditioning and toning. personal trainer mike stratis combines cardiovascular fitness and resistance training together to provide a synergistic fat burning effect that burns calories for hours afterwards. commitment and dedication is always a recipe for success.

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Bodyweight Workout Routine - Mike Stratis

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3. Alternating Staggered Push- Ups or Up & Down Planks

4. Russian Twist

5. Diamond Push- Ups or Table Dip Leg Raises (switch heels half way through set)

6. Tibetan Leg Raise or V- Sits

7. Superman’s or Bird Dogs

8. Plank or Push- Up Plank 2minutes

9. Isometric Gluteus Squeeze 2minutes

Part B (approx. 9minutes long)

For exercises 10-15 follow the time below, rest for the same amount of time in between each exercise. 20seconds is a base to start for beginners, intermediates can do 30seconds on/off, advanced can try 45seconds on/off. After you perform this sequence rest as long as you need to bring down your heart rate to a normal rate, you want to have control of your heart rate before proceeding from exercise to exercise, so take a longer rest if needed; everyone has a different recovery time! Repeat this sequence 2 times.

10. Run & Punch 20 seconds

11. Jumping Prison Squats or Jumping Prison Sumo Squats 20 seconds

12. Jumping Jack Squat 20 seconds

13. Side to Side Squat 20 seconds

14. Ali Shuffle 20 seconds

15. Jumping Alternating Posture Lunges

Workout Tips

During the rest between exercises keep your feet moving slowly on the spot.

Don't do this work out every day; take at least a day’s rest in between each session.

Some exercises have an alternate beside it, try them, unless they’re TOO easy.

You can also switch things up by changing the order of the exercises.

Workout Exercise Demonstrations