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John Wayne (Mr. Farmer's Adventures, Vol. 1)

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John Wayne (Mr. Farmer's Adventures, Vol. 1)

Duração: 8 páginas7 minutos


Mr. John Farmer is the storytelling name for an older country farmer who has raised his own children as well as bred and raised pigs, cattle, chickens, ducks, and a few other animals. His farm was ran by his father and grandfather before him, and he is currently teaching his sons and grandsons how to carry on the family trade. Mr. Farmer mainly breeds cattle, but is capable of many feats, and has learned many trades throughout his farming years. Mr. Farmer is a successful carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic, husband and father, truck and equipment operator, and hay and cattle farmer, among numerous other tasks and responsibilities.

Mr. Farmer's tales can be humorous, serious, tragic, and educating. Ms. Hollidaye has been chosen to write Mr. Farmer's stories for him, and she has chosen to show his vernacular in the text. She records her conversations and interviews with Mr. Farmer and later writes them into his series of short stories. Ninety-eight percent of the stories are word for word from Mr. Farmer, since Ms. Hollidaye finds his stories are best told through the mouth of the original storyteller. The two percent that is not word for word is altered due to the unexpected interruptions of their meetings.

Just a Note: Mr. Farmer's tales will not be released in a consistently frequent time manner. Due to schedule conflicts between Mr. Farmer and Ms. Hollidaye, the stories will just have to come whenever they get the chances to meet and talk about past times. Please consider this when being patient for new releases.

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