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The Landlord Learning Curve: 50 Easy Ways to Improve Your Property Management & Boost Your Rental Property Profits

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Would you prefer to be a broke landlord or a wealthy landlord?

Whether you are just considering investing in rental properties, are new to real estate investing, or have been a landlord for many years The Landlord Learning Curve: 50 Easy Ways to Improve Your Property Management & Boost Your Rental Property Profits is the shortcut to learning how to increase rental income and secure great tenants. These methods are based on real life experience and actual practice, not textbooks that teach theories that don’t work in the real world.

There is more to becoming a successful, wealthy, financially free landlord and entrepreneur than buying a house and sticking a for rent sign in the yard. With information that ranges from real estate law to rental property management to saving money on rental renovations, every tip could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket. This book will show you the simple but effective ways to reach your real estate investing goals through efficient property management, rental maintenance, and tenant retention.

You will learn to:
•Create rentals that tenants will want to live in year after year.
•Protect your rental property investment from lawsuits and tenant complaints.
•Increase rental income with extras tenants are happy to pay for.
•Save money on renovations and repairs to your rental property.
•Make property management easier while decreasing conflicts with tenants.
•Become the real estate entrepreneur you have always wanted to be.

Put your fears of real estate investment aside, your life as a landlord does not have to be 2 a.m. calls, missing your children’s birthday parties, or fights with your spouse. Landlording isn’t always easy but whether you are interested in apartment rentals, college housing, or single family rental property, you can minimize the number of interruptions to your life by using the rental property management tips provided.

Rental property investing can be a very rewarding experience in any housing market. There are many reasons to become an entrepreneur and investor, such as month to month cash flow, equity down the line that can be used to pay for a child’s education or wedding, and a comfortable retirement for yourself and your spouse. There is no need to be intimidated, famous real estate investors Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki had to start somewhere and so do you. As a real estate investor, you can start ahead of the game, knowing what most landlords learn only after years of mistakes and missteps.

As a real estate agent and rental property investor, the author has compiled the most meaningful and effective ideas about rental property management and real estate investment learned through real life situations in an effort to help other rental housing investors make more money and have more time for family. Written in an easy to digest format, you will be implementing the tips immediately and referencing the information for years.

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