Exploring Our Solar System
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One light year is equivalent to 10,000 billion miles. Our solar system is shifting towards Hercules constellation of stars at a speed of 19.3 kilometers per second. The sky of the earth is blue; the sky of Mars is pinkish-orange because of the dust present in the atmosphere. For thousands of years man had no knowledge about the solar system. He had believed that earth alone was the centre point of the universe.
Nicolas Copernicus, Galileo Galilee, John’s Kepler and Isaac Newton well known astronomers by studying about the speed and movements of the planets have today brought to our knowledge that sun is the centre point of the solar system. Among the planets of the solar system only Venus and mercury are not the planets who have their own moons, rather earths one satellite is moon, mars has 2 moons, Jupiter has 63 moons, Saturn has 60, Uranus has 27 and Neptune has 13 moons. The energy that reaches from the sun to the earth, reaches at an electric charge of 1.37 kilowatt electricity per meter.

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