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Apptivities for Business English

Apptivities for Business English

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Apptivities for Business English

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Apr 25, 2013


This eBook looks at apps for business English students. First, it introduces important distinctions (native vs web-based; free vs pay for; apps for different operating systems). Then, it presents a selected number of apps chosen by the authors in the following categories: language skills (speaking / writing / listening / reading); language (grammar / vocabulary / pronunciation) and finally, business. Each app is described briefly; then, ideas are provided for using the apps autonomously on a Smartphone and / or tablet. This book contains Apptivities for use in the language classroom, followed by ideas for students on the move. The students' book can be downloaded free of charge by learners as part of their business English course, or bought independently for 0.99 cents.

Lançado em:
Apr 25, 2013

Sobre o autor

Pete Sharma is a Director of Pete Sharma Associates Ltd, a consultancy and training organisation: www.psa.eu.com He works as a pre-sessional lecturer in EAP (English for Academic purposes) at Warwick University, UK. Pete is a regular conference presenter at IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). He is the co-author of Blended Learning (2007) and 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards (2011) in the well-known Macmillan ‘Books for Teachers’ series. His latest e-books is on ‘apps' (2013).

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Apptivities for Business English - Pete Sharma


What is an app?

App is short for application. An app is a small computer program that runs on mobile electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Most apps are designed to perform a single function.

It is useful to consider some aspects of apps:

Native apps are self-contained or provide ways for you to consume downloaded content such as e-books or digital audio. In this e-book, native apps are identified by this symbol:

Web-based apps use your device’s connection to the internet and your online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google to provide a stream of up-to-the-minute information or an instant response to input from the device’s keyboard, camera or microphone. Apps that require an internet connection to work are identified by this symbol:

Some apps make use of other in-built features of smart devices, for example, using GPS to locate you and your device geographically and provide information relevant to where you are.


Many apps are free; some cost a small, almost nominal amount, while others can cost as much as a small piece of computer software.

Free apps are indicated with this symbol:

Apps which have to be paid for are indicated with this symbol:

When both symbols appear, this means there is a free version of the app available, with some features, as well as a premium or full version.

Downloading apps

The source of apps depends on the basic software of the device you have.

If you have a device running Android, go to Google Play. https://play.google.com/

If you have an Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad, you can find apps on the Apps Store on iTunes. http://www.apple.com/uk/itunes/

Apps for the BlackBerry mobile devices are available from BlackBerry App World. http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/appworld/

If you have a device running Windows Phone, visit the Windows Phone Marketplace. http://www.windowsphone.com/

Note that not all the apps in this e-book are available on all these platforms. Even if an app is only available on one system (e.g. Apple), it may well be under development for another operating system.

Why are apps useful for language teachers and students?

Mobile phones and portable devices are now an essential component of business life. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used to access, check, collect and organise information. There are a growing number of apps which language learners can install to help them do all these things.

Some of these apps can be used

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