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What's your unique body type? And why is it important for muscle building? In this book you will learn the three-different body-types as once described by Dr. William Herbert Sheldon and how it relates to your genetic body type on building impressive muscle or losing weight. In knowing your somatotypes:

Ectomorph – long and slender body,difficult time gaining weight/muscle.

Endomorph – large bone structure, pre-positioned to carry on extra weight, short limbs.

Mesomorph – medium bone structure, wide shoulders, natural gifted athlete, and naturally muscular, with an easy time to build muscle or lose weight.

Within the three basic sub-categories, you will be able to combat your weaknesses and expose your strengths to accelerate your fitness goals. Never before has there been a fitness book put together explaining genetic body type traits that respond to specific training methods and diet plans along with supplement usage that allow you to develop and hold muscle mass much easier.

You will also learn why certain body types respond to specific training and diet protocols much easier than others. Now you don't have to believe because of your genetic inferiority that it is impossible for you to develop the body you've always wanted. So, don't let your genetics hold you back any longer, with this book and the guide lines laid out for you, you'll be able to dispel the myth of superior genetic muscle building.

Inside this book you will find specific training protocols, diet plans, and training techniques for each particular body-type – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Regardless of which body type you may have, you can still obtain a great physique! Stop wasting your time on bodybuilding programs and routines that were not meant for your specific genetic body-type. Train the right way, the way it was meant to be and respond accordingly and not waste your efforts on training, and diet routines meant for other body types.

Kick-start your muscle development the right way! And never feel lost on contradictory training methods and diet advice out there that was never meant for you, know what works and what doesn't for your geno-type and what's scientifically true and what's not. When it comes to building muscle the right way, and the fastest way, then you will need this book!

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Genetic Bodybuilding - Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N.

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INTRODUCTION Smart Bodybuilding: Muscle Growth Made Easy

Phenotype Bodybuilding

CHAPTER ONE Basic Muscle Growth 101: Hypertrophy & Hyperplsia/ Maximizing Your Muscle Fibers.

CHAPTER TWO Progressive Over-load Training-Forcing Your Muscles To Grow.

CHAPTER THREE Basic Body Types -Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorphs/ How to Take Advantage of Your Genetic Potential to Build Muscle Fast /Endomorph-Ectomorph-Mesomorph Training Workout Routine For Ectomorphs/ Pre-Workout-Post-Workout Protein Shake Formula's / Ectomorph Diet protocol/ High Performance Foods For Ectomorphs/ Workout & Recovery Supplement Protocol For Ectomorphs/ Most Needed Supplements For Ectomorphs. Endomorphs Training Protocol/ Workout Routine For Ectomorphs/ Pre-Workout-Post Workout Protein Formual's For Endomorphs/Food & Diet Protocol For Endomorphs/ Most Needed Supplements For Endomorphs. Mesomorph Training Routine/Pre-Workout-Post workout Protein Shake Formula's/ Diet For Mesomorphs/ High Performance Foods For Mesomorphs/ Supplement Protocol For Mesomorph/

CHAPTER FOUR Most Needed Supplements For Nutritional Workouts/ Choosing The Right Protein Powder/ Supplements For Hormonal Manipulation: GH, Insulin, and Testosterone.

CHAPTER FIVE Pre-Workout Supplements.

CHAPTER SIX Boosting Your Hormones For maximum Muscle Development Through Diet & Exercise

CHAPTER SEVEN Boosting Testosterone Through Diet & Exercise For Natural Muscle Growth.

CHAPTER EIGHT Essential Fatty Acids.


CHAPTER TEN Over Training 101 what You Need To Know/ Symptoms of Over Training/ How To Avoid Over training/ Over training effects on Hormone levels/ Solutions To Combat Over training Syndrome.

CHAPTER ELEVEN Cortisol & Its Implication On Muscle Growth/Cortisol.

CHAPTER TWELVE Weight Training Principles.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN Best Exercises For increased Muscle Mass/ Mass Producing Exercises.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN Bodybuilding Tips, Training, Diet, protein shake formula's, and Supplements.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN Important & Necessary Bodybuilding Supplements




The Ultimate Guide To Genetic Bodybuilding; Ectomorph/Endomorph/Mesomorph Training & Dieting Techniques

Are you doing everything possible to reach your genetic potential in building the muscle you so desire? I doubt that many people actually do, because they fail to realize or it is not mentioned to them that there are basically three body types that every human being falls under, and they are all following training and diet programs that their genetic make up does not allow them to reach their full genetic muscle building potential.

Virtually everyone is genetically different in regards to body development, and that is why I have put this book together, to help those individuals build the boy that they've always wanted. Genetics do ultimately determine our development and appearance, that is why it may be easier for some individuals to gain muscle much quickly than others, and for some of the others that do not have superior genetics, it is a bit more difficult.

But with the help of this book and the following information listed, I have listed some of the facts that should be considered according to which body type responds to what type of training regimen and diet to make the best amount of gains in the fast time possible. Finally, now you can build the body that you have wanted and not fall short in following training routines and diets that were never really meant for your particular body type.

You have to realize that what may work for one particular body type may not work for your metabolism, bone structure, height, and your given genetics, because they all come into play in the development of building muscle. Genetics will influence the rate of muscle gain and the eventual look gained from training and dieting. That is why for most mesomorphs it is relatively easy for them to gain muscle than the other two body types, ectomorphs and endomorphs. Each particular body type has their own set way of increasing muscular growth and with the help of this book you can actually reap the maximum benefit to your training and dieting techniques and reach your genetic potential.

Example, Arnold Schwarzenegger a mesomorph body type, looked more muscular after one year of training than most people do after 5 years of training. And research does show that some individuals respond better to strength training, while some barely respond, and some don't respond at all. Showing no results at all, creating the term non-responders. But don't let that hold you back, because there are various factors that do come into play here. That is also why most of the muscle or bodybuilding books that advertise various training techniques always fail to point out that not all people of the various types of genetic body types will respond the same way.

This is so common today and that is also why so many people get so discouraged from training or take too long to produce good and satisfying results. Well, I'm going to clear that up for you and show you how you can make equally good gains as the superior body types that are out there, and with help of no steroids!

The bottom line is that for some lucky individuals that hit the genetic jackpot in building muscle, while others may have not, genetically speaking. But lucky for those individuals that may have fallen short of great genetics, there is strong scientific research that suggests that results that you may see in the gym are highly dependent on the efficacy of satellite cell-mediated myo-nuclear addition.

In other words, your muscles won't grow unless the satellite cells surrounding your muscle fibers donate their nuclei to your muscles so they can produce more genetic material to signal the cells to grow. We will take advantage of this concept and utilize what training method per geno-type will benefit you the most. It was also shown through trial and experimentation the difference between excellent responders in comparison to average and non-responders in strength training was due to satellite activation. Excellent responders have more satellite cells that surround their muscle fibers, as well as a remarkable ability to expand their satellite cell pool via training. This can be also achieved from those who lack the satellite cells through diet and training through gene expression.

This just shows that with the correct training techniques, and diet of course will help you increase your gene expression in response to training. Genetically, anything that negatively impacts the ability of the myofibers of muscle tissue to increase their number of myonuclei in response to training will reduce hypertrophy and strength potential. Nutrition and optimal training programing play a role in hypertrophy, and certain genotypes may be associated with hypertrophy regardless of inferior genetics.

It is a simple matter of tweaking your body type with the right kind of training, exercises, sets, reps, diet and supplement usage to figure out the best type of training program for your particular body type. Some body types respond best to a variety, some to volume, some intensity, frequency, and some to density. In this book we will explore to help you discover the best type of stimulus for your body type as you progress further along through the following chapters. Through my years of training and coaching the various body types of individuals, I have yet failed to come across any of the three basic body types that did not make the satisfactory gains that they have desired.

Results will come quickly for most that do put in the effort and dedication and follow whats best according to their body type. I can not lift the weights for you, but I can inform you of what works and what does not. So, if you have been a Hard Gainer and never really made the gains that you thought you would, you will be in for a surprise once you grasp the concept of training according to your particular body type and realize exactly what works for you and what doesn't. Of course, the amount and rate of progress depends on your efforts, not your genetics that you may have thought was holding you back.

And yes, genetics do make a difference, but smart training and the right diet and supplements can help you maximize what you thought your parents gave you in genetic material.

Good Luck to You, And Wishing You a Happy Journey On Your Way To Muscular Growth!..........Tony Xhudo, M.Sc./H.N./B.C.


Smart Bodybuilding: Muscle Growth Made Easy

Phenotype Bodybuilding

This book or is for those who wish to take the guess work out of building in the quickest amount of time possible. Entailing simple straight forward procedures that will guarantee you muscle growth you can actually see on a week to week basis.

The nutritional guidelines laid out for you here are all proven to be muscle growth enhancers that have been used by many who've desired to put on those extra pounds muscle. Whether to put on mass, bulk, and/or muscularity the results will definitely be worth your while. The supplements listed are many that you have read or heard about but did not realize how to utilize there full potential or what they can actually produce as far as results in growth are concerned.

Some of the supplements are Glutamine, Citrulline, Vitamin D3, DHEA, Arginine, Leucine, DHEA, Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil, Colostrum, Mucuna Prureins, Moomyimo, Cordyceps Extract, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Deer Antler Extract, Vit-D3, Suma Root, Kre-Alkalin, and many other effective ones that you may have thought to be bogus or sort of snake oil.

Dieting techniques will be touched on per body type. Foods like organic eggs, almond butter, cod liver oil, which provide natural hormonal health and natural myostatin inhibiting affect, spinach, for its high beta-ecdysterone use, cottage cheese for its high glutamine content, etc. And how you can use them to the best of your advantage.

Also, we will explore training techniques that respond best per individualized body types. You will get to see the best and proper exercises that effect the large major muscle groups which will help you produce the most amount of muscle growth possible in the shortest amount of time. This book is about helping you gain the maximum amount of muscle growth giving you straight information proven of what works and what doesn't work.

No more will you have to waist your time on exercise routines never really meant for your particular body type. When you eat, train, and employ the specific methods of body composition for your own body type and metabolism, you will respond to exercises in a much more efficient way.

The first part of this book you will learn the basics of muscle growth helping you to understand the science of muscle enhancement. And what you can do to speed things up. The second part will discuss the correct supplements to use and how best to apply them to your particular needs.

By using certain diet and nutritional protocols per specific body types and metabolisms, you will cut