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Christchurch: Black & White Travel Guide

Christchurch: Black & White Travel Guide

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Christchurch: Black & White Travel Guide

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Aug 27, 2013


Find out all there is to know about Christchurch. This great city and all its attractions are detailed in this helpful guide book. Find out the most useful information on attractions, shops, theaters, sightseeing and much more. See full-color high resolution maps and photos of Christchurch. Get insider tips on where to eat, where to party and who to call if you get into trouble. Get everything you need to know about how to reach this destination and what to do and see while your there in this low-cost guide! You won't miss a beat while you are in Christchurch with our guide that's especially designed for smartphones, tablets and eReaders!

Lançado em:
Aug 27, 2013

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Christchurch - Oleg Kozynenko


Christchurch · Understand

Christchurch was established in 1850 by English settlers. Its English heritage shows in the older buildings, especially in the cultural precinct along Worcester Boulevard. The River Avon flows through the central city and disrupts the regular rectangular layout of the city streets.

Christchurch is known as the Garden City, a well-deserved name. Looking from a few floors up, one is struck by the number of trees that grow like a forest throughout the suburbs.

International tourism, especially foreign-student education for the Asian market, is a growing sector of the Christchurch economy, as is electronics and software development. Because of this there is a high concentration of cyber-cafes here.

For online visitor information, see the official Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism site http://www.christchurchnz.com

Christchurch city is recovering from a major earthquake on February 22nd. While some of the central business district is currently inaccessible (around 7 blocks), the remainder of the city and region are open for business and it remains the gateway to the rest of the South Island.

Christchurch · Get in

Christchurch International Airport is a major transit airport for international and domestic travellers. There are international services to and from Australia, Japan and Singapore and frequent daily flights to and from most New Zealand airports, with direct flights to and from Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown and Nelson

Flights to and from McMurdo Station in Antarctica also use the airport. This is one of the few international airports in the world where military and civilian aircraft regularly share the same runways.

There is a regular public bus service to the city centre. The 20-30 minute trip costs $7 and the buses operate half-hourly during the week and at least hourly on weekends. A door to door shuttle bus service to all parts of Christchurch is available from $20 for the first person, $5 per subsequent person. Taxi stands (about $45 to the city centre) and rental car parks are also close to the terminal building.

State Highway One passes around the western edge of the city, past the airport. This is the main north/south arterial road in New Zealand. The stretch from Picton to Christchurch is particularly scenic, including stunning windswept cliffs and seal colonies. State Highway 73 goes to the west, over Arthur's Pass and on to the west coast. From SH73 you can also access Mount Hutt and other regional skifields.

There are daily bus services north to and from Picton , south to and from Dunedin and west to and from Queenstown West Coast(Greymouth, Hokitika) Mt Cook.

The InterCity Coachlines Travel Centre located at 123 Worcester Street is the main transfer hub for domestic and tourist sightseeing services in and out of Christchurch. Facilities include a ticketing office, waiting room, toilets and luggage storage. National operators InterCity Coachlines and Newmans Coach Lines provide multiple daily connections from this location to destinations throughout the South Island.

The location 123 Worcester Street is in the NO GO Damaged Red Zone of the Christchurch CBD (March 2011) This area has no public access. The Intercity website www.intercity.co.nz states "Our Christchurch temporary stop has moved slightly. Services are now arriving and departing at

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