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Have you become increasingly dismayed at the “I don’t know and I don’t go there” attitude in the average church today? Sadly, many invest much time in seminars, conferences and church attendance and know less about Scripture than ever before. It is time that we, as congregations, paid more attention to what we understand and believe. Since Christianity is the continuation of the Jewish Religion, we should look to Israel for our Bible answers and not Rome. Let us not read Scripture through the lens of an institution.

It is not our intention to question the sincerity, salvation or anointing of anyone who may hold a different view on any topic. Our mission is to provide clarity on certain subjects. We write on the premise that you are already a believer. So, if you have been putting in the time to learn more about the Bible, allow us to share some pertinent information we have discovered.

Not one topic in these pages changes anything in the Bible. The purpose of this book is to enhance what you already know and understand about the Bible. We should always be diligent to research and verify what is in this or any book we read. All the names, dates, places and verses are provided for your consideration. Be cautioned, once you hear and know God’s Word, it is near impossible to unlearn it. Enjoy and God bless.

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