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65 Interview Questions: Conquer Your Fear and Answer the Toughest Job Interview Questions

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The Ultimate Interview Book for any professional!

Everybody hates job interviews, even the interviewers: This book shows you how to conquer your fear and answer the toughest questions for any job interview. Some questions may be impossible to answer (What are you biggest weaknesses?) but it is now possible know what interviewers really seek in your answer. 65 Interview Questions explains why the interviewer asks the question and shows you how to answer effectively. There are tips for every type of question - so you can answer with confidence.
Whether you are new to the workforce, or a veteran project manager this book will come in handy. One of a series of interview questions books, 65 Interview Questions delivers. The table of contents and index are also comprehensive, making it easy to find what you need and help you save precious time.

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