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Why I Failed in the Music Business...and how NOT to follow in my footsteps

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Why I Failed in the Music Business...and how NOT to follow in my footsteps

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Business is business and the more you know about it, the more you’ll succeed.
You are pursuing a career in an industry just like Henry Ford did when he made the first Model T a century ago.
-Steve Grossman

Musicians have a problem. They believe in differences between the Creatives and the Suits, the Right Brains and the Left Brains, the artists and the businesspersons; differences that keep them focused on their music and ignorant of what it takes to succeed in the music business.

Steve Grossman should know. He failed in the music business. And while failure may be a harsh way to describe a 20 year drumming career with multiple hits, tours, endorsements and a Grammy, it’s the truth. He failed to build a long-term, music career and left music in 2001 for a job in the “Real World.”

That's when he learned that there is really very little difference between The Arts and the Real World. You can make a living in either world...you just have to know the rules. By NOT following in Steve's footsteps you'll discover:

•Why your talent is your biggest problem.
•The importance of planning and how to do it well.
•How and why you must think like a business owner.
•Why people are key to your success and how to succeed with them.
•Why “succeeding in the music business” is a terrible goal.

"When it comes to the music business, Steve Grossman owns the Been There, Done That t-shirt. With a healthy dose of humor and clear-eyed look at his own failures he answers all the questions working musicians are afraid to ask. You can learn to succeed in the "Real World" of the "The Arts" by learning how NOT to follow in his footsteps."
- Mike Parker, managing editor - BuddyHollywood

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