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New Puppy Checklist

New Puppy Checklist

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New Puppy Checklist

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Feb 7, 2014


New Puppy Checklist. All you need to know and do when you get a new puppy. Edition 6. In Checklist format to tick off. Convenient and concise!
"It has a LOT of information, gets right to the point and helps you to not fail"
"Great checklist and book. Very clear and straight forward. I would certainly recommend this even experienced dog owners"
"Tim really knows how to get into the mindset of a puppy. Great book!"
With this Checklist you can relax. Go through it and check as needed, and you'll know you haven't forgotten anything. Because, being prepared is everything - particularly with a new puppy! Puppies can give a lot of joy, oh yes. But likewise, puppies can give you so much trouble that you feel at your wits' end. Don't let it come so far. And don't start off on the wrong track with your pup. Dogs are forgiving but not forgetful!
Note that this is not a lengthy book, it is meant to be a concise Checklist. Nonetheless, to be of maximum help, Tim has added a lot of extra explanations where relevant. Also, you'll probably love all the linked free Periodicals: The highly popular topical discussions on mygermanshepherd.org, the largest dog authority site in the world. Thus, with Tim's books you know you are in best hands anyway.
So what's covered in the New Puppy Checklist? Puppy Proofing Your Home, Preparing a Place to Rest and Sleep, Preparing a Place to Eat and Drink, Preparing a First-Aid Kit, Safe-Keeping Equipment you need, Puppy Grooming, Vet Visit and Vaccination, DIY Health Checks, Dietary Planning, Socializing Your Puppy, Which toys in which toy categories are puppy adequate, How to care for Your Puppy, Relationship Building With Your Puppy, Puppy Training, and loads of advice including puppy health tips.
Again, Tim Carter's New Puppy Checklist raises the bar for others. A comprehensive but concise eye opener. Make sure your puppy becomes the dog you always wanted. Better check this Checklist now.

Lançado em:
Feb 7, 2014

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Amostra do Livro

New Puppy Checklist - Tim Carter

New Puppy Checklist

Tim Carter


New Puppy Checklist

by Tim Carter

Edition 7

Copyright 2013 - 2019 Tim Carter



All rights reserved.


Every dog is special, through its unique genetical heritage, living environment, and personal treatment by its owner or handler, as well as prior and current human and animal contacts.

Accordingly, no suggestions given to a dog owner or handler can ever be right for every dog and its owner regardless of the individual circumstances. It is your and your dog's individual circumstances that may or may not make a certain form of training, care, or health remedy successful in your case.

You are encouraged to consciously observe your puppy and adult dog in order to recognize any adverse development right away, and to apply your own common sense to complement the suggestions made in this book, in light of your individual situation.

Neither the publisher nor the author can be held accountable, neither for the favourable implications of applying any suggestion made in this book, nor for factual or claimed unfavourable implications: It is your dog's individual situation that will determine the success of any and every suggestion made in this book, and your dog's individual situation as well as your opinion will change with time.




How to Use this Checklist Right

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Prepare a Place to Rest and Sleep

Prepare a Place to Eat and Drink

Prepare First-Aid Kit

Get Safe-Keeping Equipment

Puppy Grooming

Vet Visit and Vaccination

Regular DIY Health Checks

Dietary Planning

Socializing Your Puppy

Get a Variety of Quality Toys

Caring for Your Puppy

Relationship Building With Your Puppy

Puppy Training

Connect with Tim Carter

More Goodness from this Author

Not to forget!


This concise NEW PUPPY CHECKLIST summarizes what every new puppy owner should know and prepare for.

This Checklist is based on all the experience

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