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Windows 7 For Beginners

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Windows 7 For Beginners

Duração: 66 páginas43 minutos


Windows 7 OS is still active until 2020, when Microsoft will officially stop supporting it technically. No wonder, even Windows XP is still in the market, and it is being used by many other cyber cafes in many parts of the world. Also, these tips and tricks work for every edition of Windows, not only Windows 7 OS.

Windows 7 For Beginners contains:

What Windows 7 is and how it is different from Windows 8 and 10.
A brief history of Windows and what to learn from it.
How to identify file types to boost your computing knowledge.
How to configure Windows to connect to the Internet.
How to work with Windows and other Microsoft application software.
How to fix common Windows errors without a computer degree.

Learning by playing with machines, the author learned by doing. He became an experienced computer expert over the years. Reading Windows 7 For Beginners introduces you to the world of computing, not only to Windows 7.

The tasks discussed in this book are still working, even on Windows 10, and they are likely to work with the latest upcoming improved versions of Windows OS.

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