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Save Money, Fix Your Own Pc

Save Money, Fix Your Own Pc

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Save Money, Fix Your Own Pc

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Mar 17, 2014


This book is the ultimate troubleshooting guide to your computer with a focus on the Windows operating system. This book is not a long one because there are so many areas in the field of computers and it is impossible to cover all of them in one book. Instead of giving you a detailed description of how to fix a few computer problems, we give you the tools to fix all computer problems. The Internet is very comprehensive and has all the answers to your computer problems but your problem is not knowing what to look for. I can put $100 into a larger dumpster and you can't find it because you don't know where to look. Many problems can be solved with a quick search of the Internet but without knowing what is causing the problem, it is hard to search for a solution. I guarantee after reading this book you will be able to solve almost any computer problem. This book can help you if you are; interested in making money by repairing computers, fixing your own computer problems or just interested in computers. Large sums of money are paid each year to computer technicians to fix problems that only take a few minutes. Spend a little time and read this book you will be happy you did.

Lançado em:
Mar 17, 2014

Sobre o autor

Hello, I am very happy that you are getting a chance to read this. I chose to write my first book because I felt that I had knowledge that could help the public. I work with computers and have a great interest in technology and I would like to share this. I am not a writer but I am happy to have the chance to reach a large audience. I hope that you enjoy my first book and hopefully I will attempt another one in the future. Thank you for your time. The experience of writing my first book was great which encouraged me to write two book not too long after. I wrote on subjects that interested me and where I felt I had some knowledge that can help others. I encourage you to please download a sample of each book. They are guaranteed to help you if you are looking for information on computer repair, getting a job or starting a business.

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Amostra do Livro

Save Money, Fix Your Own Pc - Bahamian PC Maestro

Save Money, Fix Your Own Pc

Published by: Bahamian PC Maestro at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 Bahamian Pc Maestro

Who this book is for?

•Someone who has an interest in technology mainly computers

•Someone who wants to make money fixing computers as a side job

•Someone who has a PC problem and would like to solve it

•Someone who is in the IT field but could use some help either on a single problem or for future reference

•Beginners and Professionals are welcomed

What you need? (The basics)

•This is not an absolute necessity but having the Internet will be very useful




•An open mind

There are a few other technical tools you may want to get if your interest goes beyond just one or two problems. I listed them near the end of the book in the section called Tech Tools.

This book is not a comprehensive guide to fixing everything on your PC and we do not have an abundance of pictures and diagrams. The purpose of this book is to give you a good idea of what your problem is and what you can do. Once we have helped you with that, searching Google and YouTube will give you detailed instructions, diagrams and videos to solve your problems. Despite popular myth when it comes to computers, finding out the actual problem is much harder than the solution. I know you will find this book helpful in fixing a lot of your PC problems. With the knowledge learned in this book you can start making money from friends and coworkers immediately by fixing their computer problems.

The tips in the book are for the most part based on Windows; specifically Windows 7. If you have XP or Windows 8 and a method described in the book doesn’t work, check on the Internet for how you get to that method on your version.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Hardware

Chapter 2 - Software

Chapter 3 - Safety and Security

Chapter 4 - Speed up your computer

Chapter 5 - Networking

Useful Websites

Tech Tools

Message from the Author

Tips before getting started

An important part of being a computer technician is actually communication. When someone brings you a computer with a problem be sure to ask the right questions to make your job easier. You want to know first off if the computer fell down or was damaged in some way. You want to know if there may have been any power surges that could have caused a problem. You want to know how often the problem happens and if it happens all the time. Find out if they installed any new programs or removed any or installed any new devices. Get their opinion on what they think it may be. Find out if it made any strange sounds or smells. Remember a PC Tech is just like a doctor for computers and the more information they can get the easier the diagnosis. Communication can also have a downside. Sometime the information a person gives you about

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