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From securing the functionality in Windows, to ensuring your Internet connection is protected, Securing Windows: How to Protect Your Computer Properly will take you through the steps to ensure that harmful malware and viruses don't impact your computer.

Regardless of your technical expertise, you can easy understand what you will need to do in order to ensure your Windows desktop is as secure as possible. The most important aspect is that you will learn to secure your computer without spending a dime as all steps can be performed for free.

Key areas for securing Windows include:

* Hardening the Windows operating system and what you can change to increase the protection of your computer.
* Protecting your Internet connection to keep harmful malware and websites from accessing your computer..
* Installing secure software, and managing existing installed software.

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Securing Windows - Paul Salmon

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Windows is the most popular consumer operating system in the world, estimated to being installed on 1.3 billion computers. Besides being the most installed operating system, Windows is also a huge target for malware. Malware and malicious users have been an unfortunate part of the Windows ecosystem since pretty much the beginning.

While malware has been a serious threat in recent years, much of the malware can be prevented from being a concern on your Windows computer. This book will explain the steps you can take to mitigate the threat from malware and malicious users.

Who is this Book For

The aim of this book is simply to help secure your Windows computer. While many of the explanations may seem simple to those with a technical background, this book is written for anyone looking to keep their Windows system, and data, secure.

What You Will Learn

After reading this section I am hoping that you will have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to keep your computer secure. In this section I will talk about three main aspects of keeping your computer secure.

Hardening Windows

The security of a computer starts with Windows. Windows is the base for all running applications on your computer, and must remain as secure as possible. This part will discuss steps that you can take to ensure your Windows system is as secure as possible.

Securing Your Internet Connection

Malware is very common online, and much of the malware that infects Windows systems comes from the Internet. Ensuring your Internet connection is secure as possible will go a long way to keeping malware from infecting your computer and network.

Managing Software

While malware can exploit security vulnerabilities in Windows, much of the malware that can infect a computer does the same with installed applications. It is important to understand how to properly manage the software installed on your system to keep it secure.

Security Resources

Properly securing a Windows systems means learning and understanding how to properly secure a computer, and to stay up-to-date with the latest security news. There are many resources online that provide a lot of knowledge and tips that can greatly help keep your Windows system secure. Some of the resources I use are listed here.

About the Sections in this Book

Before continuing it is important to understand how the sections are written. Within each section there are sub-sections that help to provide a flow and breakdown the tasks outline within each section.

Within each sub-section, I have indicated the cost of performing the actions/task/steps outlined in the sub-section so you have an idea on whether you wish to perform the steps in that sub-section. Many sub-sections may have several costs because items such as software may have both a free and paid version – usually the paid version has more options enabled.

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Hardening Windows

Securing your computer all starts with the operating system – Microsoft Windows. Windows is the manager of all software and hardware that is installed in your computer, and is therefore, the single most important software that you will need to secure. If Windows is not secured, nothing else on your system can be secure.

While it may seem like a complex idea to securing the Windows operating system, it is actually easier than you may think. If you have used any of the Windows versions prior to Windows Vista, it may require some changes in how you use