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Food Security in Asia: No Time for Complacency

Food Security in Asia: No Time for Complacency

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Food Security in Asia: No Time for Complacency

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May 27, 2014


Despite rapid economic growth, Asia remains home to 67% of the world’s hungry of over 550 million people. Because the poor spend such a large share of their income on food, they have been significantly affected by higher and more volatile food prices, which has been a setback for the region’s achievement in reducing poverty. Food security, therefore, remains a pressing concern in Asia.

This ebook draws attention to four key challenges for policymakers and the development community on food security. First, there is an urgent need to revitalize growth in agricultural productivity and, at the same time, address the increasingly tangible impacts of climate change on agriculture.

Second is the need to ensure that Asia’s 350 million small farmers, typically those working less than 2 hectares, have the opportunity to compete and thrive in modern, food value chains. The third challenge is the persistent problem of malnutrition in preschool children, which has long-run impacts on human capital. And, fourth, the food price crisis revealed the need to give greater attention to the political dimensions of food security when providing economic policy advice to Asian governments.

Lançado em:
May 27, 2014

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The Independent Evaluation Department evaluates the policies, strategies, operations, and special concerns of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) relating to organizational and operational effectiveness. It contributes to development effectiveness by providing feedback on performance and through evaluation lessons.

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Food Security in Asia - Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank

Food Security in Asia

No Time for Security

Independent Evaluation Department at the Asian Development Bank

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