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The Complete Bodybuilding Beginner's Guide to Body Transformation
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This beginner's guide to bodybuilding and resistance training will teach you the essential body transformation principles employed by experienced trainers, nutritionists and physique athletes world-wide. Learn the proven Muscle Growth Principles to achieve real muscle gains and naturally boost your testosterone levels. The weight training programs and nutritional guidance contained in this book guarantee that you will burn fat, build muscle and start sculpting the body you've always wanted today!

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ISBN: 9781310619601
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The Complete Bodybuilding Beginner's Guide to Body Transformation - James Morris

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As the title of this book implies, the body transformation journey is a very personal one. We all have varying levels of experience when it comes to exercise, different nutritional needs and habits, individual fitness goals and often unique personal health conditions to contend with. Body transformation can be a dramatic life changing journey and one that can bring you face to face with your own personal demons.

Like anything in life, if we approach it one-dimensionally, we will only get limited and often short-lived benefits or fulfilment. On the other hand when we approach ourselves, our lives and our activities holistically, we naturally develop respect for the way that an activity such as exercise can effect almost every area of our lives in a positive way. We consciously take on challenges as the stimulus required for us to grow mentally and emotionally, the same way that our body grows and adapts under physical stress.

The most important lesson that I have learnt through many years of trial and error is that beyond the basic fundamentals that apply to all of us, once you start pushing yourself to that next level, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. There are no rule books, no bibles, no guaranteed methods, only you on your individual road of discovery and personal achievement.

I have been weight training on and off for over twenty years many of which I struggled to make any reasonable muscle gains. In fact, the gains I made or didn't make were reasonable relative to the methods I applied. Throughout those frustrating years of trying to build muscle and increase strength, I heard about and tried a lot of different training styles, techniques, rep/set combos, drop sets, super sets, theories, gimmicks, fads, diets and supplements. The only thing more difficult than pushing through your last set of squats can be trying to make some sense out of what seems like so much conflicting information and not to mention the sales pitches aimed at getting the uninformed to part with their hard earned cash. There are numerous challenges I came up against and more than one pit fall I ended up well, falling in.

As for supplements, my view is that if a product has been around for years yet still has no strong scientific evidence backing it up, then it is likely that the benefits for me are going to be negligible to none. There may be exceptions to this as there is the matter of everyone's body responding differently to a given supplement, but given the huge number of untested and unproven products bombarding the market it is a reasonable enough way to decide how to invest your money and time.

The same grain of salt method should be used when evaluating training and nutritional advice. Not only will the training program you select depend on the goal you have in mind and how strictly you are prepared to apply it, it will essentially be enhanced or hindered by many other factors. These include your own genetic potential and tendencies, age, gender, natural hormone levels, state of health and medical history and other lifestyle factors including diet, sleep, mental/emotional state and any supplements or medications you may be taking.

Although I have my own personal biases based on what has worked for me, I am not here to endorse a particular training methodology or supplement. Whether one particular training style will work for everyone is doubtful. There are just too many variable factors as I mentioned above but the fundamentals will work to some extent for everyone. Therefore I am going to focus on what I consider to