Bart, And The Disappearing Mountain

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Bart, And The Disappearing Mountain

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Loaded with smile provoking drawings this fairy tale draws its readers into one of the most thrilling stories from the biblical narrative. It ́s the story of blind Bartimeas who encounters Jesus at the gate of Jericho. Drawing on his knowledge of ancient middle east the Danish author, pastor and philosopher, Lars Due-Christensen, guides children as well as adults into the adventure of what might have taken place up to the time of healing. For parents who look for ways to increase their children's knowledge and interest this book will be a true gift. Challenged to stir the attention and imagination of children aged 6-15, the author was looking for helpful ways to communicate the gospel to all the classes of one school. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the group of children represented a big difference in knowledge of the biblical stories. The result was a new way of telling the stories, staying true to the biblical account and at the same time adding an imagination of the things that might have happened. This story is the first in a number of stories which received the 'best storyteller of the year' award appointed by the children of the school.

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