The Indian Ridge Stories

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The Indian Ridge Stories

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A Synopsis of the Indian Ridge Stories
Mark Richard Luther
The Indian Ridge Stories is a smorgasbord of stories that uses Indian Ridge, which is a small town in upstate New York as character within the background of each told tale.
Richard Tarbox; the first narrative is about an artist, writer by the name of Richard Tarbox who has a fear of death and is haunted by a recurring night terror, which has plagued him since childhood. The story flashes back to the year of 1973, when Richard Tarbox was ten years old and how he came to have a fear of death.
The House at 249 Castlehead Road; the second narrative is about Robert Eaglecrest who has an encounter with an apparition in a wheel chair during a wild storm that evening. He does some research about the house, from local history, to finding out ways to vanish the wheel chair bound apparition that haunts the house at 249 Castlehead Road.
The Surprise; the third narrative is about Robert Bergman, a successful writer who returns home after a long book signing tour on the eve of his birthday. His wife Aileen organizes a surprise party for him. Robert Bergman has a surprise of his own for her.
The Walker; the fourth narrative is about John Michael Gabriel who is a mysterious stranger, a lone walker who walks Route 28 towards Indian Ridge. John Michael Gabriel is different from anyone else. The towns’ people of Indian Ridge are in for a surprise.
The Walk; the fifth narrative is about an older Richard Tarbox who is a successful artist, writer who takes a walk along the Indian Ridge side of the Erie Canal. He hears the sounds of nature he sees nature and the canal’s surroundings come alive around him. Richard Tarbox sees something that he can’t explain.
The Front Porch Storytellers; the sixth narrative is about a band of ruthless, rugged of northern and southern soldiers who put away their differences and hatred for one another to come together to share their love for storytelling.
The Truth about My Parents; the seventh narrative is about Sheldon who has lived with his grandmother since he was three years old. Sheldon has been blind since birth. His grandmother has refused to tell him the truth about his parents.
My Daughter; (a father’s view) the eighth narrative is about a father writes about his daughter and fatherhood.
The Silence in the Library; the ninth narrative is about Richard Bookman who works as a library clerk at the Indian Ridge library who endure the silence.has to

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