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A Consumer's Guide to Solar - Matthew Myshkin

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ISBN: 9781483534831

Congratulations! You’ve made a really smart choice to go solar. There are few things that can simultaneously lower your carbon footprint, take stress off an aging grid and offer an outstanding return on your investment. Solar is one of them. It is virtually maintenance free and once installed requires little input from you. As long as the sun shines, it just works and works.

I am an independent NABCEP certified solar designer and fabricator and renewable energy consultant. In the last nine years I have worked with dozens of solar companies and seen things that worked well and others that I would not repeat. I have distilled this experience into something helpful for the average homeowner or small business considering going solar.

This eBook came about because I am always getting inquiries about solar and energy efficiency. Instead of answering them individually as I had in the past, I thought it would be a good idea to put all this information together in a simple and compact form. It certainly will save me a lot of time. Hopefully it will make the installation process easier for you, saving you both time and money. Thanks for stepping up and doing the right thing by going solar.

Please do not share this book with others. I have made it very inexpensive so that anyone thinking about going solar can afford it. If this proves moderately successful, I have other eBooks on related topics I would like to offer. If you really want to recoup your investment in this book, you can always bargain the installer down $5. No installer will pass up a sale over five dollars.


1. How Solar Works

2. How Big a System Do You Need?

3. Buy, Loan or Lease: Paying for Solar

4. Choosing an Installer

5. Choosing Your Equipment

6. Working With Your Installer

7. Roof Attachments and Aesthetics

8. Is Your Electrical Service Up to the Task?

9. Warranties: Panels and Inverters

10. Maintaining Your System

Solar working away on a sunny Autumn afternoon

Chapter 1 How Solar Works

It’s not essential that you become an electrician to get a safe, strong, productive and well designed solar system on your house, but a little knowledge of how it works will be helpful. At present, almost all residential and small commercial PV installations use mono or polycrystalline silicon modules, string or micro inverters and aluminum racking. Most are tied to the electric grid so there is no need for batteries. There are no moving parts - except for the electrons. They require little