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Rosa's Piano Book - Fake Book No. 2 - 10 Popular Songs: Standards and Popular Songs

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Rosa's Piano Book - Fake Book No. 2 - 10 Popular Songs: Standards and Popular Songs

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Rosa's Fake Book 2 Songs is a unique Fake Book for all piano players.

In a normal 'Fake Book', you get only the music score with the RH melody and the chords above it.

This Special Fake Book No. 2 has an additional element that adds interest and fun to a piano player. Chord Movement Diagrams of the same song in its basic chords for beginners and rich sounding chords for the advanced piano players.

Rosa's Fake Book No. 2 has 10 Standards & Popular Songs:

1. Love Me Tender
2. Some Enchanted Evening
3. Yesterday - Beattles
4. Misty
5. The Way We Were
6. For All We Know
7. Over The Rainbow
8. The Way You Look Tonight
9. Love Story: Where Do I Begin?
10. All I Ask Of You

There are 3 sections for each Song so that students can do 3 things:


1. Basic Chord Charts With Lyrics:

I give you a chord chart with the song lyrics. In order to abide to the copyright issues, I slightly changed some of the words.

The lyrics with chord chart is to show you where to put the basic chords (I, IV, V7) into the song so that you can start playing the song using only basic chords.

Sometimes the song has accidental tones, so I need to harmonize it with other chords and I give you the explanation at the bottom of the chart.

What you need to learn is that visually, you can see distinctive patterns in the song just by looking at the basic chord chart. You can also see repetitve chord progressions in the song. This will help you play the song in the flow because you learn to think in chord progression and not chord by chord. Just like when you talk, you don¡¦t think in words (word by word), but your thoughts come out in sentence form. This is what chord progression is about.

When you look at these basic chord charts, you can try to play the song by ear just looking at these chords. If you cannot, then you can go to the Music Score Cheat Sheet.


2. Music Score Cheat Sheet:

This is not a complete lead sheet because I want you to learn to play the song by ear. I purposely put only the first note of each bar in the song to guide you along. Once you hear the first note of the bar, you will be surprised how easily it is to pick out the melody tones in between. This is called Music Score Cheat Sheet.

For some piano players, they need the complete lead sheet to play the song. There is a site called Wikifonia that provides free distribution of lead sheets.

For your convenience, I provide a link for you in each section so that you can click on the link to download the full score lead sheet in pdf format for your resources.

3. Reharmonization: Places to put in Chord Substitutions:

Reharmonization is a music technique that uses an existing melodic line of a song and alters the harmonic progression to give the song a new color. It is like putting a new paint job on an old car. The most basic form of reharmonization is using chord substitution and chord extensions. The new chord changes provide new musical interest and variety. They can sometimes alter the mood of the original melody.

There are 10 Level of Chord Substitutions that I use:

I reharmonize the songs with the following advanced chords:

C, C6, CM7, C6/9, F6, FM7, F6/9, FM9, G7, G9
E Am7, Dm7, Em7
E C7, A7, D7,
E C7b9, D7b9, G7b9, A7b9
E C#dim7, D#dim7, Ebdim7, F#dim7
E C+, G+, A+, D+
E G7sus, C7sus, A7sus, D7sus
E Db7, Eb7, Gb7, Ab7, Bb7
E Cm7b5, Fm7b5, Bm7b5, Am7b5, Dm7b5, Gm7b5

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