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The Intermediaries: Beat & Case: The Intermediaries, #1

Length: 443 pages5 hours


Angels. Spirits. Superheroes. Gods.

Whatever their name, they are always watching.

A frightened runaway in northern Massachusetts. A traumatized widow in Missouri. A tense barroom altercation in Texas. A drowning child off the sunny California coast. A sudden abduction in New Mexico.

And in Cape Cod, a teenage girl who catches a glimpse of two faces from her past she was never meant to remember.

Through these circumstances and more, there is but one connection.

The presence of extraordinary, awe-inspiring, legendary beings--beings whose existence has forever remained mythical and unproven...

That is, until now. 

Welcome to the world of The Intermediaries: Beat & Case...where the unbelievable not only exists, but exists in plain sight. 

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