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On The Block: Rocks, Rabbits and Reptiles

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On The Block: Rocks, Rabbits and Reptiles

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This is the second edition of a book originally published in 1987. It is a history of post WW2 Soldier Settlement in the Western District of Victoria, Australia.
From the introduction: 'After getting out of the army in 1945-46 we were left to our own devices and were a bit lost. That was when the settlement scheme came into being. It gave us some direction, and we were ready and willing to take up the challenge. I think we would all vote it a resounding success, although you will see by this book it was no pushover. The women worked beside their men, and we felt a bit like pioneers. We were given a living allowance, until we had an income; after all we had to eat. Many of us milked cows to survive, nearly all the trees you see now on the soldier settlement were planted by the settlers, as well as the improved pastures; there was very little improved pasture on the earlier settlements.'

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