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Beyond Passion: from Nonprofit Expert to Organizational Leader

Beyond Passion: from Nonprofit Expert to Organizational Leader

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Beyond Passion: from Nonprofit Expert to Organizational Leader

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Nov 1, 2014


Effective leadership skills are needed to realize the full impact of far-reaching nonprofit missions. Beyond Passion is the story of one executive director’s journey from expert to leader. By stepping back, asking important questions, reaching out for help, engaging her team and taking an honest assessment of her leadership strengths and gaps, she is able to steer her organization out of a rut and back onto a growth path. Beyond Passion stresses the value of strong leadership and provides a framework for developing these valuable skills.
Lançado em:
Nov 1, 2014

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Beyond Passion - Nicki Roth

Beyond Passion: from nonprofit expert to organizational leader

Copyright © 2014 Nicki Roth

All rights reserved

Publisher: Saroga, the nonprofit leadership forum

Designer: Charles Denvir


ISBN: 978-0-692-30178-4


Cambridge, MA


Although the case studies presented here are derived from true stories, all characters and organizations mentioned here are disguised. Any resemblance to real names is purely coincidental.


About The Author




Welcome To Aim High

A Helping Hand

Telling The Truth

Reaffirming The Mission

The Assignments And A History Lesson

The Morning Retreat

How do we increase the impact of our programs and measure their effectiveness?

What funding plan most likely ensures sustainability and growth?

How can we enhance our relationships with the board and our external partners?

How can we increase the growth and capacity of our leadership team, the staff and our culture?

Private Reflection

Reaching out For Help

Making sense of the situation

A Plan Is Hatched

Team Meeting Debrief

The Journey Begins

Epilogue: Do Try This At Home

About The Author

Nicki Roth has over thirty years of experience as a consultant, executive, educator and psychotherapist. Woven throughout all her work is an abiding respect and curiosity about the human potential. She seeks to understand and unleash the capacity of individuals, teams and organizations.

Before co-founding Saroga, a leadership consulting practice for nonprofits, Nicki was an organizational and leadership consultant at General Systems Consulting Group in Ann Arbor MI and Mercer Delta Consulting (now Oliver Wyman) in New York. She spent four years as the Vice President of Human Resources for the Boston Globe and has served on the Board of several nonprofits.


I met Nicki Roth during my very first week as a program director for a nonprofit that she was advising. She led a retreat for the senior staff of our organization and guided my new boss on how to manage the company’s meteoric growth. I had just entered the nonprofit sector after serving as an officer in the US Army for a decade. My task: reduce street homelessness in Times Square by two-thirds in three years. West Point and the military taught me a lot about leadership and getting things done, but I was utterly clueless about homelessness. I don’t know whether it was seeing great potential in me or having a moment of pure pity but, as the retreat concluded, Nicki offered me additional follow-up coaching support. Less than a week in the nonprofit sector and I had a consultant with 25 years of experience to help me? I could not have been luckier.

I spent the first few months learning as much as I could as quickly as I could. I placed a tremendous amount of confidence in my boss’ expertise and gleaned as much information about what I should do from each conversation with her. On one of my coaching calls with Nicki I proudly declared, I think if I can just have one more session with my boss, I’ll finally know exactly what I need to do about homelessness here in Times Square.

Next came a long pause. What Nicki said next changed the course of my life.

All of Nicki’s warmth, empathy and no nonsense style came through as she delivered these words of wisdom. "I’ve got news for you, Becky. Your boss doesn’t know what you should do. She hired you to figure that out."

And just like that, my understanding of myself as a leader shifted as I was gently but irrevocably pushed out of the nest and encouraged to fly on my own.

Fast forward another decade and I have something to show for Nicki’s nudge out of the nest. We reduced street homelessness by 87% in Times Square. That project became the catalyst for a national grassroots effort that I led called the 100,000 Homes Campaign. In four years we trained over 150 cities to revolutionize the way they tackle street homelessness This resulted in over 105,000 of the most vulnerable people in America moving off the streets and into places of their own. I co-founded a nonprofit, The Billions Institute, with the aim of solving the world’s biggest problems in the next 50 years. I also serve alongside Nicki on the Saroga faculty. I know my overall impact as a leader would have been less had Nicki not woken me up. Rather than trying to figure out someone else’s right answer she encouraged me to roll up my own sleeves and figure it out for myself.

Beyond Passion captures accurately the trajectory of so many nonprofit leaders. We are experts in our chosen field. We are deeply passionate about what we do. We take responsibility for things that make other people curl up in a ball and cry. We do the dirty work and we step into the breach when leadership is required.

Unfortunately, all too many nonprofit leaders operate on overwhelm. I sometimes notice a deranged pride around how over-worked they are, bragging about late nights and weekends. Gary Snyder said, We must act as if our hair is on fire and as if we have all the time in the world. Yes, our work is a matter of life or death for billions of people and demands a sense of urgency. And, yes, it is equally important that we take time out for ourselves; to nurture ourselves and to develop ourselves as leaders.

If you are succeeding in your work – and I hope you are – you will get in over your head. It’s inevitable. I don’t know when it will happen, but you will face a moment of truth just like Isabel does in this book. And when that happens, there is only one question that matters: Are you willing to make the leap from expert to leader? If you are willing to make that leap, this book is your guide. If you aren’t, you will burn out.

I don’t want you to burn out. I want the best and brightest to stay in this critically important sector. I don’t want your impact in the world to be limited by what you can do personally. I want your impact to ripple out through hundreds and thousands of people who are inspired and supported by your leadership. I want you to transcend being an expert and start being a leader.

If you decide that you are willing to take responsibility for developing yourself as a leader, I have some good news for you: I believe that leadership is something you can learn. Just like any craft, learning it takes commitment, dedication, practice and willingness. If you are willing to take the leap, I can think of no better guide for you than Nicki Roth. In this book she distills decades of experience into learnable, do-able skills that you can master: bridging, weaving, detecting, growing and flexing. You bring the passion and this book will help you develop

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