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Martin Bridge: In High Gear!

Martin Bridge: In High Gear!

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Martin Bridge: In High Gear!

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38 minutos
Lançado em:
Dec 3, 2013


Join the freewheeling Martin Bridge as he gears up and down but always rides to a satisfying ending.
Lançado em:
Dec 3, 2013

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Martin Bridge - Jessica Scott Kerrin

To Peter and Elliott, and to teachers like Connie Bourgeau of Laurel Oak Elementary School in Naples, Florida, who read Martin Bridge in their classes and make me feel a part of something much bigger — J.S.K.

For Lise Laree Manning and Katya Brianne Manges. And for Michael Patrick Manning, a zero-cool, crackerjack supergenius and good friend — J.K.

ISBN 978-1-894786-62-1 (ePub)

Text © 2008 Jessica Scott Kerrin

Illustrations © 2008 Joseph Kelly

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Kids Can Press Ltd. or, in case of photocopying or other reprographic copying, a license from The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (Access Copyright). For an Access Copyright license, visit www.accesscopyright.ca or call toll free to 1-800-893-5777.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of characters to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Kids Can Press acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Ontario, through the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s Ontario Book Initiative; the Ontario Arts Council; the Canada Council for the Arts; and the Government of Canada, through the CBF, for our publishing activity.


Edited by Debbie Rogosin

Designed by Julia Naimska

The art in this book was drawn with graphite and charcoal; shading was added digitally.

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Kerrin, Jessica Scott

      Martin Bridge in high gear! / written by Jessica Scott Kerrin ; illustrated by Joseph Kelly.

ISBN 978-1-55453-156-1 (bound) ISBN 978-1-55453-157-8 (pbk.)

I. Kelly, Joseph II. Title.

PS8621.E77M364 2008      jC813'.6      AC2007-902703-2


Science Fair


Darby’s Tips on Keeping Your Bike Safe

An Excerpt from The Lobster Chronicles

Meet …

Science Fair

Who’s on your team? asked Martin’s teacher, Mrs. Keenan, as she came around with her clipboard.

Alex and Stuart, said Martin proudly. They were Martin’s best friends. And Laila, he added a little less enthusiastically.

Laila, who sat in front of Martin, had done her usual pushy thing, insisting that she be on their team.

You four worked together the last time the class did group projects, said Mrs. Keenan. I’d like to change it up a bit. She consulted her clipboard. Stuart, she directed. "Why don’t you join that team? She pointed to a threesome in the corner of the room. And Gibson, she called out. Gibson looked up. I want you to join this team over here."

Gibson? Martin frowned. He did not like losing Stuart from their group, but more than that, he was worried about the replacement Mrs. Keenan had assigned.

Gibson reminded Martin of Scoots,

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