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Feud On Tisian Hill

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Feud On Tisian Hill

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In 1842, Mamaw Molder, her husband, children and kin(and they was a lot of them) moved into the hills of Arkansas, each with a Choctaw Deed. They arrived in Mason County with three wagons, farm tools, livestock, feed and seed and claimed two sections each on Molder Mountain -- where they proceeded to clear land and put up homesteads. Mamaw Molder was a Water Witch( she had the power), and she witched all the wells in Molder Valley. After their children were grown, they gave them the house on Molder Mountain and put up a house on Horsehider Creek across the way from Molder Valley just below Cedar Crick from where her sons built their homesteads. The Molders lived there trouble free for forty-some-odd years, hunting farming and raising their children ... until trouble came. And when it came it had a name: Culdy.

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