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"Fun Cycle" Special Edition for The 75th Anniversary of America's Leading Motorcycle Rally

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Motorcycle Enthusiasts are everywhere! Now more than ever. You don't need a bike to be one. How could a small town Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota grow from a few persons to a million in 75 years? Was it just because of fun, or was something else going on? Will 2015's 75 Anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally be the new game changer, unseen since the 50th? What influence did America's popular culture play in the evolution of the Sturgis Rally?
"Fun Cycle" will explain and exhibit in combination; the evolution of Sturgis, the history of the rally, and the influence of America's popular culture. Along with a unique perspective, Billy Gordon entertains with first-hand accounts and experiences. Learn about America's fascination with a motorized, two wheeled, invention. Expand your knowledge and guide your understanding of how fun, combined with motorcycles, grew and grew over the past 75+ years. Where do You think it's headed? An ongoing adventure we can all relate to, or was it just a Fun Cycle?

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