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Guitar Chord Genius

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Guitar Chord Genius

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Understand how to design any chord, and throw all your other chord books away.

Guitar Chord Genius was designed for every level of student, whether a beginner, or an advanced amateur. As easily and painlessly as possible, Guitar Chord Genius walks you through trouble spot, fixing problems with technique while you learn chords from A to G#m13b5. This study provides the discussion and technical demonstration that you would receive from an experience instructor in private lessons.

Most guitar players start with the help of a friend or by studying online. The issue with this is there is rarely any instruction as to how to approach a chord. "Just do this," is not adequate instruction. Almost inevitably, problems with technique hobble the budding musician and keep them from attaining speed and accuracy in their chord execution.

No assumptions are made. There is no need for you to have an understanding of music theory, or for you to be able to read notes. You are moved through Open chords, to Barre chords and Power chords. Following that there is a short study on triads (3 note chords) and then you're methodically taken though Advanced chord forms, Altered chords, and methods of construction. If you can count, you can learn to make any chord you want. Even better, if you have made up your own chord and have searched endlessly through those two inch chord books for your chord and can't find it, you'll learn how easy it is to determine the name of your 'designer' chord.

This book is perfect for anyone who has never picked up a guitar to songwriters who are trying to broaden their tonal palette.

Buy the book. Understand how to design any chord, and throw all your other chord books away.

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