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Innovationdigging: (engl. Version)

Innovationdigging: (engl. Version)

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Innovationdigging: (engl. Version)

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Jan 9, 2015


With "Innovation Digging" authors Benno van Aerssen and Tamer Kemeröz have developed an exciting new innovation method that is both highly practical as well as efficient.
Innovation digging is the first method to bundle creative forces and can be used upstream of any common creativity technique employed in ideation.
Innovation digging thereby improves the quality of the search for new ideas, while also improving the probability that the search will lead to the successful discovery of innovations. When using innovation digging in the quest for innovation, the ideation is synchronized with the managerial objectives early on, facilitating a well-focused and goal-oriented search process. This ensures quick results, promotes motivation within the team and prevents moments of frustration. Aimless discussions and constant resynchronization of a team are now things of the past and by putting them behind us, we can substantially reduce the costs associated with the search for innovation.
Lançado em:
Jan 9, 2015

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Innovationdigging - Benno van Aerssen

Table of Contents


The Starting Situation

1. How We Discovered Innovation Digging

2. A Tool for Leaders

Strengths of Innovation Digging

1. Innovation Probabilities Up and Search Costs Down

2. Scalability and Limits

3. Compatible with Existing Methods and Processes

4. Innovation Success Can Now Be Planned

5. Optimizing Innovation Management

6. Transparency

The 7-Point Force-Bundling System

1. Creating the Search Field Matrix

2. Expanding the Search Field Matrix

3. Collective Search Decisions

4. Quick Test Drilling

5. The Collective Dig

6. Documentation

7. Publication

Innovation Digging Part 1: Search Field Analysis

1. Product Search Field Matrix

2. Process Search Field Matrix

3. Service Search Field Matrix

4. Market Search Field Matrix

Innovation Digging Part 2: Prospecting

1. The 4 Questions of Prospecting

2. Analyzing Innovative Opportunities

3. Prospecting in Conclusion

Innovation Digging Part 3: Ideation

1. Turn Your Team Upside Down

2. Other Tips on Performing the Headstand Technique

Special Variations and Creativity Catalysts

1. Expanding Search Fields Using Search Field Explosion

2. Generating Ideas Using the Headstand Mode

3. Generating Ideas Using Innovation Team Battle

4. Generating Ideas Using Lateral Team Battle

5. Use Multiple Search Field Matrices

6. Process Enablement and Documentation

Final Thoughts on Innovation Digging

Evaluating Ideas Using the 9-Field Strategy Portfolio

Word Cloud


Table of Figures

An Overview of the Key Phrases

About the Authors

About the Illustrator


We have dedicated ourselves to our passion for creativity, ideation and innovation for many years. The difficult challenge of finding good ideas and implementing them successfully is something we have been able to examine very closely in actual practice from two key sides of the innovation development process. For many teams Benno was and remains a trainer and innovation coach, someone who thinks outside the box and inspires new ideas. Tamer works on the industry side and in his roles as executive, project manager and consultant has accompanied numerous successful innovation development projects from ideation to global distribution. We met in 2011 at an Open Innovation Day hosted by SKZ, where we had both been asked to speak. We quickly discovered that our treasure trove of experiences not only complimented one another perfectly, but that combined, they could lead to exciting new approaches.

Our deliberations resulted in the birth of our method of innovation digging. The success and potential of this method became apparent during our first practical seminars at the very moment we presented the parallels between the world of archeology and professional treasure hunters. The understanding this gave the participants also gave wings to their imaginations – and that motivated us to write this book. Our illustrator, Susanne Ferrari contributed the wonderful images and graphics to the book you now hold in your hands. We are very excited to hear your feedback and especially look forward to hearing about your own experiences with innovation digging, as well as the ideas you have come up with that compliment the process. We kindly invite you to join us in an adventure dig in the valley of hidden search fields.

Benno van Aerssen

Tamer Kemeröz

Figure 1 – A Typical Search Area for Ideas and Innovation But Where Is the Treasure Trove of Ideas? Where Should We Start Our Search?

The Starting Situation

The biggest questions in regard to ideas and innovation are almost always: Where do we even start the search for new ideas and what is the best way to start the search? and How can we find ideas that no one else has found? – See Figure 1

The good news is: Most good ideas are basically just lying in wait to be discovered, right inside your employees’ and teams’ minds and desk drawers. The right inspiration and focus can pave the way for those ideas to become a reality.

Innovation digging performed with maximum motivation and creativity sets these ideas free, releasing them into the value creation process, but without ending up in an uncontrollable creative Sodom and Gomorrah.

Key phrase 1 – Innovation digging is the first systematic management method for a strategic and controllable bundling of creative forces, through which hidden search areas can be found, thereby verifiably and frequently increasing the probability that value-adding, relevant ideas and innovations will be discovered.

In innovation digging it does not matter whether your team is experienced in, e.g. creativity techniques (innovation digging is not a creativity technique!) or not, or whether it considers itself highly innovative or not. Your team can organize the innovation digging perfectly and can find hunting grounds for ideas that no one has conceived before. Innovation digging saves your team from being at a complete loss. – See Figure 2.

Figure 2 – Any Form of Innovation Search Will Be Difficult for Your Team without a Plan or a Common Understanding!

1. How We Discovered Innovation Digging

e have accompanied and observed teams searching for new ideas for real innovation for many years. These teams can quickly be divided into two groups – those who are successful and those who are on an eternal search.

However, when watching the two groups perform their searches, the differences in their actions may not be immediately apparent. Both use, e.g. creativity techniques, both try to think out of the box, both search for creative locations, and so on and so forth.

It is only upon closer examination that you can begin to detect a tiny, yet decisive difference, which is the biggest secret

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