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Stranded in Oasis

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Stranded in Oasis

Nota: 5 de 5 estrelas5/5 (2 avaliações)
Duração: 216 páginas4 horas


At first, Maximilian Rutherford III is stunned, and then he's angry. Six months living in the middle of nowhere in the Arizona desert isn't his lifestyle. However, the mandate issued by Max I, his grandfather, is clear--manage a trailer and RV Park or lose his inheritance. Max III, hotshot corporate exec has managed billion dollar companies, and now he's supposed to oversee a trailer park!

Pilar Armstrong loves her home in the small community of Oasis located in beautiful Arizona. Sunrises and sunsets make for the beginnings and endings of perfect days. Her divorce from a workaholic attorney was just about the best thing that ever happened to her, second only to her eight year old son, Willie. So, when the new trailer park manager arrives, she recognizes the same ambition in him, as in her ex-husband, and determines to steer clear at all costs. Her resolve fails, however, when he makes changes that affect her beloved neighbors. Maybe it's time for her to set "Ruthless Rutherford" straight..

Will Max and Pilar, opposites in every way, find that forever kind of love? The journey to that answer is endearing, funny, and surprising for both of them.

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