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CrossFit is definitely effective, and can transform your body, improve performance in everyday activities, build strength and greatly improve overall conditioning and fitness so you may excel in any athletic endeavors in which you choose to participate.


- Crossfit training concept
- The benefits of crossfit training
- What makes crossfit stand out
- Crossfit movements
- and many more!

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Crossfit - Amy Boyce

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CrossFit Overview

What Is CrossFit

CrossFit is not your average workout. Its fitness philosophy goes beyond the scope of most other workout routines, as it does not just focus on one aspect of fitness, but instead is designed to improve one’s overall fitness and conditioning.

CrossFit is used to condition and strengthen the whole body with an inclusive, broad, and general approach to working out.

The specialty of this type of workout is that it has no specialty. CrossFit is designed to improve overall every day performance, conditioning, athletic performance, strength, and functional movement.

Here are some of the benefits CrossFit can provide for you.

Improved cardiovascular and respiratory strength

Improved performance in everyday activities (functional movement)

Weight loss

Increased endurance and stamina

Strength, power and speed

Enhanced coordination, agility and balance

Improvement in any type of athletic performance

Origins Of CrossFit

CrossFit is a unique approach to fitness that was invented Greg Glassman and has inspired thousands of fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. He started with a single gym in Santa Cruz, California and has since become a household name in the fitness industry.

Is CrossFit For Everyone?

CrossFit is not easy by any means, but it is intended for anyone and everyone, regardless of their individual fitness experience, including, men, women, kids and seniors.

The workout programs are designed to be universal and scalable. The same fitness routine is used for an elderly person and for a cage fighter. The intensity of the workout may be scaled, but the workout always stays the same.

Main Principle Of CrossFit

CrossFit is the first program to define fitness in a measurable and meaningful way. Its definition of fitness states that it is: Increased work capacity across broad time and domains.

Capacity is defined as the ability to do real work, and is measured by distance, force and time.

Real world fitness needs to be broad and non-specialized, in both the type of effort and duration (modal domains and time).  Greg has even developed a formula to explain his principle at achieving optimal fitness.

CVFM @ HI + Communal Environment = Health

A program of (CV) Constantly Varied, (FM) Functional Movements that are performed at High Intensity (HI) in a communal environment that will lead to optimal health.

What CrossFit Teaches

Functional Movement - Teaches how to move effectively and safely with exercises that mimic every day life